24 Hour Bingo


Play bingo day or night with daily sessions from 9am-11pm, every odd hour. Sessions are offered every odd hour, for low prices with big dollar session payouts. Welcome Offer Get up to 20 free games of bingo in our Free For All room. Simply join MrQ to get 24 hour access to our Free For All room and claim your free bingo tickets. 24 Hour Trap Bingo. Come play and enjoy bingo 24 hours a day for Fun, Gifts and Prizes and multi prize games!! 24 hour Bingo This Bingo activity is for practicing conversion between 12 and 24 hour time and vice versa. Students draw a 3 by 3 grid in their books. Teacher displays one of the tables of 20 times on the OHT. Either display the 24 hour times for practicing changing 12 hour times to 24 hour times.


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Our award-winning Bingo Room works hard to coverall the bases.

Play bingo day or night in Las Vegas’ only 24-hour bingo room at Arizona Charlie’s. Sessions are offered every odd hour, for low prices with big dollar session payouts. Every session has:

  • ACE Ball
  • Bonus X Bingo - $1 per 3 - on strip
    Having the winning pattern to win $5,000. Winning pattern number starts at 16 and if not won, increases one number every fourteen days, up to a max of 21. If Bonus X prize is won at any time, the number resets to 16 and restarts.
  • $1 Charlie's Coverall up to a $10,000 jackpot in 51 numbers or less
  • $1 Charlie's Double Progressive starting at $20,000, progresses to 35 numbers or until won
  • $2 Charlie's Double Dab up to a $10,000 jackpot in 36 numbers or less

Play ace PLAY™ Bingo Bounty at the 9am through 11pm sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You could win $500 cash or $700 to $1,000 in free play.

Another Charlie’s exclusive: It only costs $1 to validate Rainbows at the 3am, 5am & 7am sessions.

Arizona Charlie's Double Progressive Jackpot

Play this always-changing progressive that increases until it’s hit!

Charlie’s Double Progressive available at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

  • Jackpot progresses to 35 numbers or until won with a consolation of $200 per session
  • Jackpot starts at $20,000
  • Play for $1 per card (maximum of 30)

Current ACE BALL Jackpots


You could win a bonus cash jackpot when you play during our ACE Ball games.

ACE Ball is played at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

  • Bingo on the ACE Ball for the session to win the bonus jackpot
  • To be eligible, validation is required for all packs

ACE Ball is not valid on second or third chance coveralls.
Must have last number called to win.

Programs subject to change without notice.
Visit the bingo room for complete rules and details.

24 Hour Time Bingo

The concept of a bingo hall being open 24 hours a day is a completely alien one to most people, unless of course they live in places such as Nevada, where such venues are often to be found.

However, one has to ask the question whether there are enough bingo players to make such venues finically viable, for there cannot be that many people who are going to want to play bingo at 3am in the morning, for example.

The Arizona Charlie’s Casino over on Boulder Highway does have a 24 hour bingo hall, and one of the benefits of playing there is that players are allowed to get a couple of drinks, either soft drinks or alcohol from the bingo halls bar before the bingo session starts and can also avail themselves of a drink during the session from the cocktail waitress, too.

In fact, pastries are often also on offer too, and with the ticket prices starting at just $4 for the entire session, if a player does get three drinks and a snack there cannot be much money left over to fund the cash prizes that are given away during the session. Anchorman slot machine.

It is therefore fair to say that during the early hours of the morning such venues do run at a loss, but that is often made up during the day time when the bingo hall does get packed full of avid bingo players.

Those players tend to be locals who are ever eager to take their chances playing bingo and, of course, making the most of the drinks and snacks that are available.

24 Hour Bingo In Oklahoma

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