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Television game and reality shows and slot machines are two popular things, so when someone got the idea of combining the two they hit on a popular and profitable combination. We’ve collected the most popular television and game show themed slot machines and did a short review of each.

1 – Jeopardy

Created by Merv Griffin in 1962, Jeopardy is still one of the most popular game shows on television today. It’s been running on air as one of America’s most popular television show ever since. Designed like a nerve racking quiz show, it has many rounds taking players through mazes of questions to score large winnings.

American gods slot machine igt

Jeopardy has had a huge following from the start which has led to it being featured everywhere. We have all seen it portrayed in other shows, in movies, and online game versions. It has also been formatted to home games by Milton Bradley and others including Nintendo and PlayStation. IGT had the right idea when they decided to add a Jeopardy themed machine to their line of slot machine games.

One of America’s favorite games shows comes to life in this IGT slot machine. With enhanced visual and sound effects, and a similar quiz based theme, this slot is one of the most popular among the players who wish to win heaps of money with the thrill of being on their all-time favorite game show.

The Jeopardy slot machine is a video slot game and has a theme that takes you back in time to the original 1960’s TV game with many of the familiar faces we’ve grown to love. Similar to the show, the game is designed to be in a quiz format and literally makes a player feel like they’re standing on the sets of Jeopardy playing the game themselves.

The magnificent graphics and sound exactly replicates the game show, transforming a few square feet of the casino into the Jeopardy stage. The game has original voice overs by Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert in addition to the Jeopardy music theme. The visual effects and the sounds make this slot game a winner with all of those who play.

Jeopardy slots consist of five reels and nine pay lines. It’s not hard to understand how to play this slot machine due in large part to the simple setup of the reels and pay lines. Even though Jeopardy features a large progressive jackpot that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to play. This is one of the most affordable progressive games that IGT has on the market. The most coins you can play on any one spin are 45.

When you place the maximum bet of 45, this allows for you to have 5 coins on each of the 9 pay lines available with this game. Most of the Jeopardy machines you see in casinos around the United States are nickel slots. This makes them ideal for those who don’t want to spend big to win with a maximum bet being $2.25, which means most people can afford to stay and play. With its progressive jackpots Jeopardy gives the player a chance to spend very little and have a chance at winning a six figure payout.

Along with the progressive jackpot, this machine has Jeopardy Bonus Games available. These bonus games give the player another great reason to play. You’ll enter the bonus game upon receiving three Jeopardy symbols. The choices that you make during the bonus game allow you to increase your winnings. During the bonus round Alex Trebek will give you the rundown on what you need to do, when you are winning, etc.

Just like the show, this game has Double Jeopardy which is one of the bonus games available. To activate this bonus you need to receive three Double Jeopardy symbols. This game is very similar to the regular Jeopardy bonus round. Squares are shown on the screen. You choose the ones that you think have the most coins. As you choose your squares the monetary values appear to show you how much money you win. This bonus game offers multipliers so watch for them because if you pick the square with the multiplier behind it all of your winnings are doubled. When you see The Final Jeopardy sign your bonus game is over.

2 – American Idol

Over the course of its television run American Idol became one of the most loved reality game shows to ever be made. American Idol has become one of the highest rated TV shows in American history, and it has had a remarkable impact on the entertainment culture as a whole.

Idol remained throughout its life time as one of the most popular television programs in the United States, and the brand has spread all over the world. As of now there’s an idol show in most countries around the world, featuring talented singers and musicians competing for record contracts and cash prizes. With this success Idol has been given its own game by IGT.

The first thing you’ll notice about IGT’s take on the favorite televised singing contest is the huge console you play at. The American Idol slots are community games, made for multiple players. Five players are playing on five screens linked together on the same console however; all spots don’t have to be filled to play the game. The show’s familiar logo is displayed all over the game itself, from the large title box to the reel symbols, bonus game clips, and audio content, and two big panels on the side. In other words, this game is not one you’ll miss when browsing the slots at the casino, not only because of it being based on Idol, but because of its sheer size.

The developers of this game update it every week, so the players can play the game with characters from the current season. This game has five free spins in it, and it has many bonus features as well. During the five spins of the game, the players can multiply their wins 10 times.

Three bonus rounds are called Judges Pick, Vote 4 Cash Group Play, and Audition, each of which can lead to multipliers, bonus cash prizes, and free spins. The Judges Pick bonus game is the simplest of the three games, letting the gambler take on the role of an Idol judge. You pick icons to reveal prizes ranging from a few credits’ worth of bonus money or a free spin to bonuses in the thousands of dollars and dozens of free credits.

The next bonus game is the Vote 4 Cash Group Play. This game is only available when more than one player is at the console and only when certain combinations of the game’s icon appear on any active pay lines. In this bonus, the icons you and your partners pick reveal different multiplier rewards.

The final side game, Audition, does not require the player to be a singer. Instead, the player selects a judge, and watches a real audition from the show to earn free credits. Each time the singer gets at least two thumbs up from the three judges, moving on to the next round the players have a shot at even larger credit rewards. The game also has a very interesting golden ticket bonus. In the golden ticket bonus round, the players have the option of revealing their prize by selecting a contestant from the list of contestants in the game. The selected contestant receives the golden ticket from the player.

Those looking to play the American Idol slot game can play for as little as $0.01 per credit. Thanks to up to 40 pay lines and a 600 coin max bet, big spending slot enthusiast and those on a budget can all get in on the action with American Idol. You don’t have to be a fan of American Idol to appreciate a big beautiful slot with multiple video bonus rounds and a wide range of wagering options.

3 – The Amazing Race

The Emmy award winning reality competition show has been brought to life on the casino floor as players dig, fly, and compete for big wins and a chance at four in house progressive jackpots. It’s also one of the first games to feature the new MEGAfx Surround Chair that provides high performance sound to create an immersive experience.

The Amazing Race MLP makes it possible for lovers of the Amazing Race to be a part of their favorite show. The show’s host Phil Keoghan’s likeness guides players through base games and bonus rounds while beautiful graphics and engaging music complete the experience.

The MLP features one instant player bonus and two community play bonuses. The game has 50 pay lines, with a maximum bet of 300 credits, which gives the players a great experience. Animated adventure symbols and continent themed graphics and top boxes round out the players racing experience.

The first community play bonus, Ticket Challenge, recreates a popular competition from the hit show’s inaugural season. Players swipe at the screen as though they’re digging through a sand dune to reveal credit values and, ultimately, the hidden ticket.

In the second community play bonus, The Amazing Race Group Feature, players accumulate miles and credits to complete legs of the race and win progressive jackpots. Those who take the change and bet big are rewarded with higher multiplier values that jack up the value of each progressive jackpot awarded during The Amazing Race Group Feature.

4 – Deal or No Deal™

The deal or no deal slot game is a unique video slot game design that features 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 pay lines all of which gives the players great odds to score and win big with the progressive jackpots. This video slot game is based on the popular American Television show Deal or no Deal hosted by Howie Mandel and the rules for playing the game are also similar to those of the TV show.

In the television show, a single contestant is presented with a total of 26 briefcases each holding a unique dollar amount that can either increase the player’s winnings or send them packing. In order to win the jackpot, players must open all the 26 cases but, every once in a while, a dealer or banker as the show called them will show up with an offer for the player to choose.

They can make the choice to take the offer or continue to play. This is where the name of the game comes from. The player either chooses Deal or says No Deal and continues to the next case. If the deal is accepted by the player, the game stops there and the player collect his or her winnings. Choosing No Deal means that the player continues the game to open a new case that will either increase the winnings or cancel them altogether.

The video slot game is based on the same rules except for the fact that instead of cases, players bet on pay lines in the game. It has up to 20 different pay lines available which players can stake their bets. The symbols featured here are similar to what you would expect to find in more traditional slots and all winning combinations have to start from the reel located on the far left, except for the scatter symbols alone.

Every player has a 1 in 26 chance of winning the jackpot. This game also offers bonus play as well. You can try to trigger the three awarding bonus rounds by placing bets on all of the 20 pay lines in the game. You can stake anything from one penny to $5 dollars in every game. The more you stake, the more money you stand to win. Playing maximum pay lines gets you a chance at the progressive jackpot. You don’t have to go this route, as you can bet smaller and on less pay lines and still win with this game so it’s a game everyone can play.

Some of the best features in this video slot game that make it attractive to many players include the following triggers for jackpot chances. Scatter symbols are used as triggers in this game. By collecting three or more scatter symbols one of three bonus rounds is triggered which gives players a chance to double their total winnings. The Reel Banker symbol is a mode that gives players unlimited free spins until the symbol is on the 3rd.

The last feature that’s so great about this game is the jackpot bonus. It is triggered when a player successfully opens 6 cases consecutively and triggers a banker’s offer and a chance to collect your winnings on the spot or keep fighting for the jackpot.

The Deal or No Deal video slot game is a unique game with a great retro look, high end sound effects and rare features like the unlimited free spins, all of which make it ideal for players looking for cash and some great fun.

5 – Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck brings back one of the most watched game shows of all time. Those who loved the Press Your Luck television game show will love the slot version. This game has the potential to pay out 25,000 coins with just one pull of the lever. This makes it popular with the in it to win gamblers.

Press Your Luck Slots contains the symbols from the television game show. There is, of course, the Whammy, so that the immortalized chant of “No Whammy, No Whammy: Stop!” can still be heard today in casinos where the games can be played. It also has two bonus games on this slot machine that have potentially very large payouts.

You’ll find five pay lines on the Press Your Luck slots game. Players have the option to bet on as many as they want but the bet must be placed in a specific order. The pay line bets must be made on consecutive lines. This is determined by the numerical sequence. Thus, 1, 2, 3 and 3, 4, 5 are valid bets but 1, 3, 5 is not a valid bet.

One may bet a maximum of five credits on any single line. This game also has two large pay outs that players receive after getting five identical symbols on the same line. Combined with the bonus features, this is a good game for those who love the thrill of having the chance to bet it all on a lucky spin of the reels.

The two largest payouts available on this game are earned from the player matching five symbols on a single pay out line and five wild symbols on the same line. If a player gets five wild symbols on the same line they win a whopping 25,000 coins! The wild symbol is the word WILD itself. The second highest pay out a player can win is if they get Five Press Your Luck symbols on the same line; then their winnings will total 12,500 coins.

If you’re lucky and get five Big Board Bonus symbols on an active line then you automatically advance to the highest paying bonus game. This bonus game is identical to the television game show. The player is faced with a board full of prizes.

Once they win one prize by stopping the selector on a winning square, the Whammy appears and replaces one of the winning symbols with the Whammy himself. This symbol instantly ends the bonus round. If the player wants to press their luck, they can keep taking spins until they get a Whammy.

You’ll also find a bonus round to this game where the player is faced with either doubling their entire winnings or losing it all. The Slam Stop Bonus is won by lining up three of the slam stop bonus symbols on lines 3, 4, and 5. This game simply requires the player to choose their prize by turning over a selection of hidden prize tiles. Press Your Luck Slots is a fun game, particularly for those players who enjoy many different ways to play the odds.

Unlike many other slot machines Press Your Luck doesn’t have an auto play feature available. It does have however, a few features built in that allow the game play to flow from spin to spin without interruption. One of these features is the ability for the player to increase their bet by one coin just by pressing a button. The player may also bet the maximum by simply pressing the max bet button. Of course, one can cash out with the press of a single button as well.

6 – Big Brother

When you play Big Brother slots you’ll see the screen play area is designed to look like a common flat screen high definition television set. You almost want to reach for the remote to adjust the volume. Many people wonder “How do you design a slot game around a voyeuristic television show?” Well wonder no more because the main themes from the show have just been brought to casinos everywhere.

The Big Brother television show is the brain child of Dutch production firm Endemol, the same people who made this slot game. In the TV version of the game several people are brought together as housemates or house guests in an isolated home.

The show’s producers assign them tasks. Every week the head of household nominates two house guests for eviction and puts them on the block. After a week of physical and mental competitions the remaining house guest secretly cast their votes to evict.

Once the house is down to the three remaining houseguests the rules change. These three houseguests compete to see who will be evicted and who will get to the final two. When the final two are left, the houseguests who were evict starting on week 5 and after come back and decide on the winner. So how do you turn a game like that into a slot machine?

Big Brother is a five reel, three row video slot game with 25 pay lines. Prizes are awarded from left to right and only the highest possible prize per line is paid out.

The game also features Bronze, Silver, and Gold progressive jackpots. Symbols are based on concepts such as watching eyes, or aspects of the show, including cameras, arguing couples, kissing couples, and more. The game’s wild symbol is the Big Brother logo, a multicolored eye which substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter.

Any winning combination in which at least one wild symbol appears pays double the normal prize. The scatter symbol is an eye shaped lens. When three or more scatter symbols appear the random bonus games is triggered for the player. The scatter symbols pay a prize based on the total bet that was made.

The Housemate Task Bonus game brings up a screen with nine choices. You pick three tasks and reveal their prizes. You keep the total combined prizes.

The Housemate Hunt Bonus is the free spins bonus game. This game gives the player a detailed diagram of the Big Brother house. You then choose 3 rooms, looking for male and female housemates. Male housemates increase the number of free spins you win for this bonus. Female housemates increase the multiplier that is applied to prizes you win from the free spins. Depending on which version of the game you play you can win five free games with a multiplier of 10, 10 free games with a multiplier of five, 15 free games with a multiplier of three, or 20 free games with a multiplier of two.

7 – Wheel of Fortune

Based from the most popular game show of all time, IGT brings us the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. With the five reels and five pay lines, players are able to form winning combinations. For each coin you play you’ll enable another pay line.

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Once the reels stop spinning, the computer verifies the symbols against the other enabled pay lines. Wheel of Fortune slot machines are popular in Las Vegas and can be found in every casino on the strip. This machine is not only popular in Vegas and the United States, but it’s also popular in Canada and the rest of the world. Same with the television game show, Wheel of Fortune slot machines include a lot of features like the spinning of the wheel that make this game show so much fun to play.

Out of all the different versions of Wheel of Fortune, there can be no debate that it is the classic three reel game that is most cherished. Still, after all these years and so many five reel versions, nothing matches the classic three reel game.

Even though the three reel game is the most popular, there are actually lots of different versions within this category. You’ll see a lot of different 25 cent and dollar versions in the Las Vegas casinos. The thing to look out for is the number of credits you need to play to trigger the bonus reel and also how many you must play to stand a chance of winning the jackpot.

Because of this, the best version to play is the 25 cent three line game. This gives a max bet of 75 cents per spin, and even with this low bet cost you still get to play the wheel and also hit the jackpot, which is often around $75k.

This three line game is exciting to play because you only need to hit the spin symbol on the last reel to trigger the bonus round, so the suspense lingers throughout the game because even if you’re not going to win a regular game you can get the spin prize.

Players can bet from one to nine credits on each of the pay lines. You can choose which button to bet and how much you want to bet on each pay lines. If you like to bet the maximum amount, you can just hit the Bet Max button which will bet the maximum amount on every pay line.

Wheel of Fortune is constantly being updated and new games with new designs and game play are released each year. The huge eight player machines, where players all sit at the same unit, each with their own screens, is relatively new to the casino scene.

In this multiplayer version more than one player can partake in the bonus round at the same time, which makes this version very similar to other multiplayer slot games you find in Vegas. In the multiplayer game, when one player hits the bonus round, everyone else playing gets to go to the bonus round too. However, you have to have placed enough money in your bets to get to join in.

8 – The Price is Right

The Price is Right has a new host and is taking up residence in Las Vegas. As one of the most popular day time game shows on the air Price is Right has been asking players to Come on Down for decades. When Bob Barker retired the show got a new breath of air in Drew Carey who is now featured on the machines that are showing up in Vegas. These slots usually are in banks of four and can be played as a single game or as a community game.

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The community game option on the Price is Right slots is a great way to meet new people while playing a fun game and winning money.

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The slot itself is a basic five reel slot, with most of the normal features you see on slot machines everywhere. However, The Price is Right slots is set apart from all the other games by its bonus games.

This machine offers two different types of bonus games. The first bonus games are the ones you play on your own if you hit the bonus symbols during regular play. Classic games from the TV show, including Plinko, are used for these bonus games. To trigger the Plinko game you must get Plinko symbols on each reel 3, 4, and 5 of the slot. The Plinko pegboard then appears and the Plinko game begins. When playing the Plinko game you watch your balls bouncing down the Plinko screen and hope they land in the high multipliers. You then win based on where your ball landed.

Then there are the community bonus games. These are triggered at random and if any one person wins all of the other players win as well. The wheel bonus is initiated when you get the wheel symbol on each of the reels 3, 4, and 5 of the slot. Once triggered you get to spin the wheel and your winnings total the total of the numbers you spun.

Just like in the TV version you get two spins. If you spin and your first spin is not high enough for you, you get another shot. Your total spin amount needs to stay under 100. If you get lucky and your spin total is over 55 and fewer than 100 you get to go through to the Showcase Round.

This round is much like the show where you get to first choose your showcase and then choose items from the showcase to reveal money prizes. You continue to pick items until you find the collect symbol that finishes the game and you get to take the money you have win during the round.

9 – The Family Feud

IGT brings another of America’s number one game shows to life with their version of Family Feud. These games are a blast to play with sounds and clips from the television show during the duration of the game. It’s easy to feel like you’re there playing along. Does it get any better than hearing the famous catchphrase Survey Says playing a game you can win money at? We don’t think so.

The Family Feud slot game first came in three different versions; a standard nine line video slot, a multi deck video poker game, and a re spin video slot game. In 2001 IGT released the new five reels, 15 pay line Family Feud slot to the casinos. This version of the game gives the player the option to play with a small bet of $.05 or if you’re feeling lucky you can place the maximum bet of $3.75 or 75 coins. One benefit of a 15 pay line game is that you don’t have to bet the maximum amount of coins be a big winner. For this reason, you can play Family Feud slots on the cheap while still giving yourself the chance to win big.

When you play Family Feud slots you’ll find it has a bonus round that closely follows the television game show. When a player hits a designated bonus jackpot the bonus round is triggered. When the bonus round is triggered don’t freak out because the first thing that happens is the machine goes completely dark like it is shutting down.

We promise you didn’t break it, just give it a minute. Before you know it the whole casino is going to be looking right at you when the red siren starts to spin on top of a camera mounted to the side of the machine. A stage director appears on the video screen and tells the player they are on in five….four…three…two…one and then the director points at the player and their face comes on the screen as a picture is taken.

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This is your cue your bonus round has begun! A picture of a family will appear on the screen, followed by a picture of you. The game proceeds with a question randomly chosen from the game’s 1,000 question database. Just like in the game show the top answers are listed on the board and the players guesses are shown on a rotating placard.

The player selects a guess and is awarded the bonus amount when the guess is matched to one of the top answers on the board. Just like on the show the more popular the guess, the higher the bonus. Play continues until the player guesses all of the answers or gets three strikes.

10 – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a slot machine based on a television show made popular when Regis Philbin hosted it during prime time. This show takes an average American and puts them in the hot seat where they have to answer questions to win money.

The contestant is given a question with four possible answers and they can either guess or use a life line when answering. Chumba casino online. The goal is to get to the million dollar question and get it right, however most people don’t make it that far. Although the show is no longer a prime time staple it’s still on the air and can be watched during the daytime hours.

This slot has many of the features found in the original show. It features a variety of symbols that are related to the TV show including the 50:50 Logo, the Black Chair, a one million dollar check, Phone a Friend, a Pound Sign, a Question Mark, the Show Logo, and Ask the Audience.

The television symbol is the wild symbol which can replace all symbols on the reels. However, the wild cannot substitute the scatters. The dramatic musical sounds and the blue neon colors another of the features that can be found in both this slot machine and on the TV show. The game itself has a total of five reels and 35 pay lines. It also features free spins as well as a progressive jackpot that can help you maximize your wins.

You’ll find a number of special features that make this game interesting to play. One of these features is the player’s choice feature that is activated when you acquire three or more scattered symbols. This feature can help you go up the jackpot ladder in the shortest timeframe.

Another special feature you’ll find on this game is the Turbo Mode. It’s a button that allows the reels to spin faster than normal. This game also has some amazing prizes that you’ll find to be special. The main one is a progressive jackpot that can earn you more than one million dollars.

You’ll also find the free spin bonus that’s triggered when you land three, four, or five scatters on the reels. Shifting wilds are added to the reels during the free spin bonus round. They replace all other symbols on the reels to improve your chances of winning during this bonus round.

Players can also unlock the Prize Pick bonus that’s triggered with three, four, or five prize pick scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. They enable you to win instant prizes.

The highest paying symbol is the wild. If you manage to get five wilds on an active pay line, you’ll qualify for a payout of 5,000x times the line bet. You can also win the progressive jackpot that goes as high as one million. When playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slots, you can bet with as little as 0.01 and as much as 3.00. This makes it a game for anyone who wants to play because you don’t have to be a big spender to win at this game

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These are some of the most identifiable game shows on TV today that have been transformed into games we can play any time. Playing slot machines can get boring and can be cumbersome but with these exciting games there’s always something going on with lights flashing, music playing, or familiar slogans being said.

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Many players aren’t big risk takers, so it’s good that all of these slots allow players to play and not feel like they’re being forced to bet more than they want to. That is what we love about slots, as you can always find an affordable game that still gives you the chance to win big. So the next time you’re in Vegas, or any casino for that matter, see if you can find one or more of these machines to enjoy a game based on your favorite television and game shows.

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