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You never know when you’re going to get that golden sports betting tip or where you’ll be when you realize you only have a few minutes to get your bets in for today’s games. In the old days, this was a big problem. But thanks to the development of sports betting apps, you no longer have to worry.

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
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5 100% up to €50Go to Site

Sportsbook apps allow you to place real money wagers from anywhere as long as you have a phone or Wi-Fi connection and a smart device. Turn your iPhone, Android, or iOS device into a mobile sportsbook in minutes!

Real Money Betting Apps by Sport

While most bettors look for an app that covers every major game of a sport (or even esport), the quality is not always the same across the board. It’s not that some companies are dropping the ball, it’s that some betting apps give a little extra TLC to specific sports. If you’re interested in betting on a particular game, it makes sense to go to the best sports betting apps focused on that specific sport.

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Best Real Money Betting Apps

The best mobile betting apps offer comprehensive coverage across several different sports, and they also offer many other real money gambling options. However, not all apps are created equal when it comes to their offerings. Some may focus more on popular sports like football or soccer, while others may offer more competitive odds on sports like rugby, golf, or even esports. As a result, you should be looking for an app that best suits your gambling needs.

What We Look for in Sports Betting Apps

Best Sports Betting Apps Usa

Determining the best real money betting apps is not easy. There are hundreds of providers to choose from, offering vastly different levels of quality, safety, and service. While the entire ranking would take a long time to breakdown for you, we want to give you a quick look at what we deem to be the most important. Below, you’ll see the four factors we include in our process to find the best sports betting apps for real money wagering.

Safety and Security

Making sure you’re using a safe sports betting app is paramount to the quality of your experience. You need the peace of mind that your money is safe, your bets will be honored, and you’re not putting yourself at risk. We’re not trying to pump doom and gloom into your day, but we want you to understand how seriously we take this. Safety and security are the top two criteria we always look for when creating and updating our list of recommended online betting apps.


If you have two sports betting apps side by side and they’re identical in every sense, except one gives you free money for betting, where are you going to take your action? You better be grabbing that free money! While we will never select sportsbook apps based solely on the bonuses they offer, we do use them in our rankings calculation. We look for big bonuses that are easy to clear, available to bettors of all levels, and cover many (if not all) sports.

Banking Options

Apps for betting on sports are worthless if they make moving your money around a challenge. You should be able to deposit instantly and get cash withdrawals within a few hours or a few days, at the very least. The sports betting apps for iPhones and Androids that we recommend offer multiple high-quality, safe, and secure banking options.

Sports Betting Apps vs. Online Betting Sites

Using only the best sports betting apps to house your real money action offers a lot of added benefits. While online betting sites provide some of the same perks, they can’t match everything mobile betting apps bring to the table. Here are just a few of the most important advantages of choosing to use this newer technology.

You Can Use Sportsbook Apps to Bet 24/7 From Anywhere

As long as you have access to a smart device and the internet, you can place real money wagers. This gives you the ability to place wagers from home, at work, at the doctor, on the bus, in your car, at the game, at the bar, or anywhere else you might want to get action. As long as sportsbooks are taking action, you’ll be able to get in the action. Here are a few everyday situations where this comes in handy.

Best Sports Betting Mobile Apps

  • When you get a hot tip texted to you minutes before the game, and you’re not at home or in a sportsbook
  • When you were supposed to have time to get to the casino before the game, but something came up
  • When you completely forgot the game was today, but you still want to get action

Online sports betting apps are there to help you in all of these situations and a whole lot more.

Apps for Betting on Sports Allow You to Shop Lines Much More Efficiently

The aforementioned benefits of top sports betting apps are essential for convenience. But the most important advantage over desktop betting websites is much more critical to your success. When you’ve got access to betting lines 24/7, you have the ability to shop your lines much more effectively. Within seconds, you can check to see if a line has shifted for you, against you, or is holding true.

  • Allows you to study trends and predict the best time to place your sports bets
  • Lets you time your betting predictions perfectly to get the best odds and biggest potential wins
  • Take advantage of news before the rest of the betting public

Betting Apps: Android vs iPhone (iOS)

While most of the best betting apps are compatible with all devices, the only way to be sure your device is covered is by choosing an option specifically designed for your equipment. Below, we’ve got links to the top apps for betting on sports using real money for iPhones and Androids.

Best iPhone Betting Apps

If you’re an iPhone owner, we already know you love the latest and greatest technology. Whether you’ve got the brand new iPhone with the liquid retina screen or you’re rocking a classic like the iPhone 6, you want to be able to bet on sports from your phone. The link below will take you to a list of the top iPhone sports betting apps. These apps are compatible with every iPhone and will work even if you’ve been putting off that iOS update.

Additionally, all of these sportsbooks also double as iOS betting apps, compatible with other Apple iOS devices like your iPad or iMac.

Best Android Betting Apps

A comparable or arguably better phone than the iPhone is an Android. Android owners are known for caring less about the hype or how great someone says something is and more about the actual quality. Because of this, we put a lot of extra quality checks in place when determining the best Android sports betting apps. Click the link below on sports betting apps for Android, and we’ll get you set up regardless of which device you’re using.

Frequent Questions About Online Sports Betting Apps

For the most part, yes, but this depends on the app or mobile gambling site you’re using. Some will offer a variety of sports betting options as well as classic casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker. Others, however, may only focus on betting. If you’re interested in mobile casino gambling you can learn more in our dedicated casino apps section.
Yes! As long as you’re making sure only to use the safest sports betting apps, you’re all set. Long gone are the days where online sports betting was a risky undertaking. Now, as long as you make sure to stick with trusted online betting apps, you will have a safe online betting experience.
You’re already doing everything you need in order to ensure you’re getting the highest quality online sports betting experience. Our team of reviewers works hard to bring you the best recommendations comprised of nothing but the top real money sports betting apps. Choose the apps for betting on sports you want to use from our recommended list, and you’ll get the best of the best.
Yes! In this guide, we have a comprehensive list of the top Android betting apps built specifically for your devices. Scroll up now.
Definitely! Many game providers have created top iPhone betting apps compatible with all iOS devices including phones, iPads, and iMacs. Scroll up in this guide for a link to the best options currently available for you and your Apple devices.

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Betting on basketball is popular all over the world. It should therefore be no surprise that bookmakers and sportsbooks try to make it as easy as possible to bet on the NBA, the biggest basketball competition of all.

You can place real money wagers on the NBA in a number of ways. The use of mobile sports betting apps has proved to be one of the easiest and most convenient options in recent years, which is why we’ve provided this page. We explain all about using apps for betting on NBA basketball, and also talk you through the best NBA betting apps currently available.

RankDE Gambling SiteExclusive BonusGet Started
#1Betway Sports Up To€150Visit Site Visit Site
#222Bet Sports100% Up To€122Visit Site Visit Site
#3Spin Sports100% Up To€200Visit Site Visit Site
#410Bet Sports100% Up To€50Visit Site Visit Site
#5Guts Sports 100% Up To€50Visit Site Visit Site

How do we choose which NBA betting apps are the best? There’s no quick answer to this question as we use several processes for deciding which gambling sites and apps to recommend to our readers.

What we can tell you is that we are VERY selective. Our list of the best NBA betting apps is not just thrown together in a hurry. We carefully examine a number of factors and ensure that our rankings are genuinely accurate.

Some of the main factors we consider are safety and security, basketball betting options, promotions and real money bonuses, betting odds, and payment options. We explain more about all these below so that you can fully understand why our recommendations truly are the best options for mobile betting on the NBA.

  • BetNow – The very best NBA betting app available
  • MyBookie – An NBA betting app from a popular online sportsbook
  • Xbet – Betting on the NBA with this mobile app is super easy
  • Bovada – Bet on the NBA with this app from a leading online gambling brand
  • BetOnline – Excellent NBA betting app with tons of wagering options

Are NBA Betting Apps Safe to Use?

The top NBA betting apps are perfectly safe to use. The first and most important of selection process is to make absolutely sure that we only consider apps that we know can be trusted. There are three key factors we look at here.

  • Online gambling license
  • Security measures
  • Reputation

We begin by checking the online gambling license of the NBA betting app. It must be issued by a gambling commission that is closely monitoring the actions of the mobile bookmaker and is making sure there are no mistakes or wrongdoings. That’s the only way to protect the money and personal information of the customers.

If the NBA mobile app is not licensed by a reputable regulator, you shouldn’t share your data or deposit cash there. There’s no guarantee that your information will be safe, so make sure to stay away from such apps.

Security Measures

Once we know that the mobile sportsbook has a proper license, it’s time to move on to the security measures it uses to protect its customers. The key here is the implementation of the latest SSL encryptions on the market.

They are designed to secure all transactions of data and money. Even if a third party somehow manages to interrupt them, the SSL encryptions make it close to impossible to do anything meaningful with the data.

Most review sites stop here, but not us. We perform one last check to make sure that all of our top NBA betting apps online are worth your time. We dig deep on the internet and the different app stores to determine if there are any user complaints from the past.

You will find negative feedback for almost every NBA app on the web. However, the sheer number of unsatisfied customers and the severity of the accusations are good indicators if the issues are isolated incidents or general question marks over the integrity of the gambling operator.

If there are too many stains on the reputation of a certain NBA betting app, we prefer to stay away from it and stick to more reliable mobile bookmakers.

What Wagers are Available at NBA Betting Apps?

One of the main reasons we believe our recommended NBA apps are the best for the league is the extensive coverage they offer. You will find so many betting opportunities that a true expert in basketball and the NBA should be able to regularly discover profitable wagers.

The different betting markets can be split into three different categories.

  • NBA betting markets for individual games
  • NBA futures and props markets
  • NBA live betting markets

Let’s start with the individual games and the betting markets that our best-rated apps for the NBA offer for them. The exact number of options varies depending on the mobile bookmaker, but the following are always available.

If you simply want to pick the winner of an NBA game, our leading mobile apps will oblige. Back the team you like, and if it ends up victorious, your wager will return profits.
In many NBA games, there’s a clear favorite, and the moneyline market is not the best option. The odds for the stronger team are really low, while the probability of the underdog grabbing a victory is almost non-existent. That’s where spreads come into play. The weaker franchise starts the game with a predetermined handicap, and you can decide if the favorite can cover it or not.
Total points
There’s the option to place a wager that doesn’t depend on the winner of the match. The totals or total points market is related to the number of points scored by both teams. The NBA betting apps provide a certain line — for example, 215.5 points — and you have to pick between the under (fewer points scored than that) or over (more points scored than that) options.

These three main markets are available at any of the top mobile apps for NBA betting. If you want to learn more about them, check out the following pages.

The next group of NBA betting markets is harder to define and includes different options. For a start, there are plenty of futures that you will find at the best NBA mobile apps. As the name suggests, they are long-term markets related to huge events.

For example, you can place money on the potential NBA winner, as well as the Conference and Division titles. You can also back a certain player to become the regular-season MVP, the Rookie of the Year, the Most Improved Player, and so on.

The other markets we decided to include here due to the similarity in their nature are the NBA props. They cover various events related to the competition, such as the individual stats that a player could achieve or the number of wins your favorite franchise will register in the regular season.

Some of the top NBA betting apps even have wacky props like the jersey color of the champions and things like that. The opportunities here are countless. Some of them might seem silly at first glance, but you shouldn’t underestimate the different NBA props. Even the weirdest among them might be profitable if you find the hidden logic behind them.

NBA Live Betting Markets

We love live betting, and we believe the NBA is a great league for in-play wagers because of the constant changes in the leads and dynamic nature of the sport. You can watch the action and make money at the same time with the live betting options of our leading NBA mobile apps.

They cover every game, and the non-stop movement of the odds opens the door to profit for anyone who knows the NBA inside out. Once you recognize a certain trend, you can capitalize by placing the appropriate live bet at the right time.

The available markets usually include moneylines, spreads, and totals, at the very least. Many of our best-rated NBA betting apps have more options such as races to a certain number of points, winner of the quarter/half, and more.

One of the main advantages of our top NBA mobile betting apps is the large number of promotions. Both new and existing customers can enjoy plenty of special offers that could boost their returns. Here are some of the most popular among them.

NBA Welcome Bonuses

The most valuable promotion of most of our recommended NBA betting apps is usually the welcome bonus. Once you decide to join and make your first deposit, the mobile bookmaker will immediately provide you with extra value.

It could come in the form of bonus money that must be wagered several times prior to withdrawal or free bets with very few terms and conditions.

Either way, you should always try to make the best of the welcome bonus of each NBA app, as it’s an excellent opportunity to earn extra value. Just make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions so that you know how much to deposit and how to clear the bonus after that.

The welcome bonus is nice, but you can obtain it only once. Fortunately, our top apps for NBA betting will offer you other ways to earn more and more bonus cash. Here are the most popular among them.

Reload bonuses
Almost every deposit can bring you extra cash. The conditions are usually worse than the welcome bonus, but many reload bonuses are still worth taking.

Betting Apps Sports

Loyalty programs
Some of our best-rated NBA betting apps have loyalty programs that bring the most consistent customers free bets.
Enhanced odds
You will often find enhanced odds for popular NBA betting markets.
Special mobile bonuses
Many of the NBA betting apps belong to bookmakers that have a desktop version too. They often want to provide extra incentives such as special mobile bonuses so that their customers bet on the go too.

Exclusive Promotions

Our recommended NBA betting apps always try to stay ahead of the curve, so you will often encounter other exclusive promotions. They could be related to major events such as the NBA Finals or the All-Star game.

Make sure to keep your eyes open so that you don’t miss the many opportunities offered by the best NBA mobile betting apps. You will find them on the mobile bookmaker’s promo page and sometimes in your email.

What Payment Options Are Supported by NBA Betting Apps?

Every mobile sportsbook should offer its customers enough payment providers that they can comfortably deposit and withdraw money. Our top-rated apps for the NBA are among the best in the gambling industry in this regard. Here are the most common providers that are available in our top apps.

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard
  • E-wallets: Skrill, PayPal, Neteller
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Wire transfers, money transfer services, prepaid cards, pay-by-phone services

The exact list of supported options depends on the betting app you use and your country of residence. In certain cases, there might be some local payment options at your disposal too.

The variety of banking methods is not the only payment-related benefit of joining one of our best NBA betting apps. They also enable fast payouts, especially compared to the industry average. You can receive your money within 48 hours via e-wallets or crypto and several working days for the other options.

What Devices Are Compatible With NBA Betting Apps?

Thanks to the rise of HTML5, most NBA betting apps work on almost every modern device you could think of. Each of our recommended bookmakers has a mobile-responsive website that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and other popular phones and tablets.

On top of that, many of the top mobile apps on this page also have a native version for the likes of iOS and Android. You can download and install it from the respected app store or visit the bookmaker’s website for more instructions.

Usually, you can request a download link via SMS or even scan a QR code for a quick installation. There are many different options, and they are all user-friendly. The whole process won’t take more than several minutes.

Best basketball betting app sites

More Frequently Asked Questions about NBA Betting Apps

If you still have questions about our best NBA betting apps, you will most likely find the answers below.

Yes, if you make sure to join respectable betting apps with a proper online gambling license. All of our recommended ones are safe, but there are other choices out there. Make sure to take a look at the regulator that is monitoring them before trusting them with your money.

Also, it would be a good idea to follow some basic safety rules. Don’t use unknown networks too often, don’t open fishy emails, and make sure to use secure passwords.

Best Basketball Betting App Free

Do I have to install additional software to bet on the NBA on mobile?

You don’t have to, as some of the best NBA betting apps only require a browser. Open the mobile-responsive page, log in, and you’re good to go.

However, some bookmakers offer native apps for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone as well. If you want to use them, you will have to download and install additional software.

What is the difference between online betting sites and mobile betting apps?

If you use the mobile-responsive version of the NBA betting sites, the answer is none. The apps will provide access to the same markets, promotions, features, and sections.

In fact, there might be some exclusive bonuses available only on the go.

It depends on your country. The NBA betting apps operate under the same rules as all online bookmakers. If it is legal to bet on the internet where you live, you can use mobile apps for the same purpose.

If you don’t really know the rules of your country, you should probably take a look at our gambling jurisdictions page. It features many different regions.