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Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports on the planet. For a short
moment, everything stops as we watch these majestic beings racing around the
track, and the force and speed that these beautiful creatures produce is both
awe-inspiring and exhilarating all at once.

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Get the HRN app. Latest Headlines. Monday's Best Bet: Norwegian can wire the field at Turf Paradise. Horse Racing Nation. Even the betting slips are created with maximum ease in mind. So if you’re currently deciding which racing apps are the best for betting then look no further. We have compiled what we believe are the top three available at the moment. This is the go-to app for most sports betting fans. Best Horse Racing Events To Bet On. The best races that we would suggest you try out for yourself and actually bet on attract millions of punters from all around the world. Horse racing betting sites will feature these races as a betting option to you, due to their immense popularity and traffic that they bring to their platform.

While horse racing was once one of the most popular pastimes, these days, the
sport seems to be in decline. This has had an effect on the tracks themselves,
as fewer people than ever are coming to watch races live. This, in turn, lowered
the number of races at each track. Horse racing fans and those betting on the
sport were forced to turn to viewing races from other tracks around the world.
However, this meant also relying on video feeds coming from these tracks, none
of which were readily available outside the tracks or the Off-Track Betting

This is where the online gambling world comes in. Many sites offer the chance
to watch these streams live directly from the site, which is also a great way to
entice someone to make a bet or two. When the smartphone revolution began, being
able to download an app to your phone that gave you access to these streams
became a reality. Today, there are many options for people who want to watch
horse racing live on their phones and tablets. The question is how to tell the
good apps from the bad ones. Luckily for you, we have a great team of horse
racing experts on staff, and they have put together this information page about
the apps that you can download for live streaming horse races.

The Best Live Streaming Horse Racing Apps

Rather than build things up to a dramatic conclusion, we are getting the
results out of the way early on this page. From all the reviews we have written
about gambling apps, we have pulled a list of the most highly-recommended apps
that offer live stream horse racing. These sites aren’t 100% horse racing
related – many of them are sportsbooks that give you a chance to bet on other
sports as well. What matters most to us for this page is that these apps are all
the ones that have received the highest rating from our experts. We wouldn’t
want to steer you in the direction of a site that doesn’t offer the best
experience, so if you start with these ones, we are certain you won’t be upset.

RankGambling SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#1 Up To €150Visit Site
22Bet Sports
100% Up To €122Visit Site
#3100% Up To €200Visit Site
10Bet Sports
100% Up To €50Visit Site
#5100% Up To €50Visit Site

What to Look for in a Live Streaming Horse Racing App

There are a lot of things that our staff looks for when reviewing an online
gambling app for horse racing enthusiasts. Because streaming is such a big part
of the sport, the criteria we use for rating these apps is slightly different
than that of the other types of gambling apps. Have a look at what our experts
have on their minds as they download an app and prepare for a review.

Tracks Available

This is the most important part of any live streaming horse racing app. The
best apps are the ones that offer the most tracks to stream, as this gives you
the most options of races to watch while you are making your bets. There are
streams from tracks all over the world, so we are on the hunt for sites that
offer the most races all day and night.

Streaming Interface

When you are looking to stream horse races, you may find that there are races
happening at multiple tracks at once. Being able to toggle between the track
feeds easily is a big part of staying on top of the action. It’s great if you
can easily put a few feeds into position and simply switch between them with the
touch of a button, and it’s even more incredible if you can have more than one
feed on the screen simultaneously. While that isn’t the norm today, we are sure
it’s a feature that will be added soon to most apps.

Live Odds Updates

Best horse racing bet app download

When you are betting on horse races, many factors can affect the odds in the
moments leading up to post time. This can include track conditions, horses being
scratched, or a significant amount of money placed on one horse. All of these
changes to the odds impact your bottom line, so finding a stream that offers the
odds on the same screen and updated in real time is critical to you being able
to get your bet in at the best price. Jackpot casino bonus codes.

Connection to Betting Interface

Watching the streams and seeing the odds is all well and good, but if you
can’t easily connect to the betting slip from the streaming screens, it seems
like a missed opportunity. For us, the best apps are the ones that are designed
with bettors in mind. Having a bet button on the screen that brings up a slip
with the race you are viewing on it would be the perfect storm for us, as it
limits the amount of time spent searching a site or app for the race itself.

How to Find and Download a Live Streaming Horse Racing App

Now that you have a sense of what the experts look for when searching for the
perfect live streaming horse racing app, the next step is getting one or more of
them onto your device! Finding the apps is pretty straightforward these days.

The first thing you can do is click on the link from any of the recommended
apps listed above, and you will be taken to a page where you can download the
app directly to your iOS or Android device. Once you have downloaded the app,
the next step is likely to create an account. Even then, you probably aren’t
going to be able to find the streams you are looking for, as they will be behind
a paywall.

Almost every site that offers live streaming of events requires you to at the
very least have a real-money account with a balance in order to access the
streaming links. Sites are focused on their players using the streams as a
vehicle to gambling, which is why they don’t charge you anything for the feed

Once you have funded your account, then you can find the navigation for live
streaming and look for the horse racing streams that are being offered. Not
every app will offer all the tracks, which is why we recommended the sites
earlier in this article that we feel offer the most diverse selection of races.

There really isn’t much more to it! Once you see the stream you want, you
click on it, and it should magically appear on your screen. From there, you are
only a couple clicks away from being able to make a bet on one of the races you
have chosen to watch.


We are sure that horse racing is a sport that could return to glory if a new
generation of fans and gamblers is nurtured. One major piece of that puzzle is
accessing the races in real time, which is what the live streaming horse racing
apps are built for in the first place. As virtual reality becomes more popular,
we can see a time when these apps also offer you the chance to see what the
jockey sees, and then this could make betting on the sport even more
interactive. We know that if you find an app that offers you the best of the
attributes we discussed on this page, then you will be one step closer to being
a more knowledgeable bettor. We hope that translates into a profitable
experience for you all!

Smart horseplayers know winning is more than just chance or luck of the draw. In horse racing, the key to maximizing the odds in your favour is to get good information and analysis and use it to make educated bets. Twenty­-first century horse racing means having a huge variety of key racing information right at your fingertips. If you enjoy watching or betting on horse racing or want to know more about this sport then check out our list of the best horse racing apps for your iPhone.

30 Apr 2020, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Get everything you need to help you pick winners with the Timeform Horse Racing Mobile App. That’s horse racing form, race cards, results, statistics, analysis and tips for every runner in every race in Great Britain and Ireland from the experts you can trust. Play Smarter! Get the Timeform App to help make your betting more profitable.

  • Racecards: Includes form for up to the last 8 runs for every horse, plus the Analyst’s comment on each runner, their final Verdict and betting forecast for the race.
  • Betting & Free Bets: Once you have picked which horse/s you are going to back, you can now place your bet without leaving the App.
  • Results: Out & About? Keep up to date with the latest action with a super-fast live Results service.
  • Tips & Features: Let our team of experts do the hard work for you.

Equibase Racing Yearbook is more than just a gold mine of horse racing statistics and analytics. This app is for the genuine horse racing aficionado. Take video of every graded stakes race with you wherever you go, or relieve the greatest moments in horse racing, including the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup and Championship Day races. Search the best races all the way back to 2010. Search by race, horse, jockey, trainer, or track, or review order of finish and payoff information. The results chart feature gives you thorough summary of the race, including order of finish, description of each horse and a complete order of finish.

  • For horse racing aficionados
  • Search by race, horse, jockey, trainer, or track
  • Summary of race Includes historical races to 2010
  • Access descriptions of horses
  • Free iPhone app for horse racing

Are you tired of losing your horse bets? Is your horse betting system not working? Have other systems been a waste of money? If you answered yes to any of these, then you will love this new app. 2minutes2post is a racehorse management system that analyzes more horse racing data than you can imagine. However, to access all of the data and to fully experience the power of this app, you will need to buy the in-app purchase. It will unlock everything you need to gain valuable insight and information on horses, races and tracks. Start winning your bets today by downloading this app.

  • In-depth racehorse management system
  • Analyzes a wide range of data
  • Can help you make more educated horse racing bets
  • Free to download, Requires an in-app purchase
  • Wide range of data factors that can be added

Geared toward the thoroughbred industry, Blood­Horse Daily is a dedicated news service for anyone involved in horse racing or thoroughbred breeding and ownership. Content is updated daily and is curated for usefulness and interest. Get beyond race results and analysis, and access a huge range of industry specific information, including equine veterinary issues, investigative reporting, and even farm management. This is a must-have app for breeders and owners alike, and a secret weapon for gamblers. The layout is sleek and intuitive, the perfect 21st century successor to the Blood­Horse magazine, founded in 1916.

  • Successor to Blood­Horse magazine
  • Geared toward thoroughbred industry
  • Range of industry specific information
  • Must-have app for breeders, owners, and gamblers
  • Free iPhone app for horse racing

Horse Racing News & Videos ­Sportfusion is a truly customizable horse racing information portal. Featuring personalized push notifications, a read later option and the ability to block information that doesn’t interest you, the design is completely user-focused. Share your love of racing by using comment and share features which seamlessly allow connectivity with social media. Coverage is thorough, including multiple sources on issues, for balanced analysis. Streamline your own horse racing news experience with a collapsed mode feature for easy skimming, reading, or sharing. Includes live and updated race day results, and curated videos from relevant YouTube channels.

  • Customizable and user-focused design
  • Connect with social media
  • Collapsed mode feature
  • Live and updated race day results
  • Through coverage

America’s first legal Horse Racing iPhone and iPad betting app, TVG’s Mobile App has the credibility and respectability that comes with having the law onside. TVG offers you the ability to shrink the global racing world and hold it in the palm of your hand. Watch live streaming and tap your way to wagers at over 150 horse racing tracks worldwide. A truly intuitive setup, never miss a race with race alerts, and enjoy seamless account management. To access TVG you’ll need to be at least 21, a US citizen or resident alien and resident of a qualifying state and have previously set up a wagering account.

  • America’s first legal horse racing betting app
  • Credible and respectable
  • Live streaming
  • Must be 21
  • Free iPhone app for horse racing
TVG app review: making horse betting simple 2021

Best Horse Racing Bet App To Play

Combine the two great American passions of horse racing and greyhound racing with’s feature-packed mobile app. A regulated and licensed app, based in the US, forget any concerns about security. BetAmerica app comes with all the bells and whistles for which the the website is famous. Watch high-quality live video streaming of every race or relive epic moments in the history of your favorites. Place bets smoothly after depositing straight to the app with PayNearMe. The app offers free handicapping and up-to-the-minute results.

  • Accommodates exotic wagers
  • Bets go straight to racetrack pools, payouts at full track odds
  • Combines horse racing and greyhound
  • Legal and secure
  • Live video streaming

Online Horse Racing Betting

Horseplayers know that it all comes down to the horse. The Horse Analyzer is a state-of-the-art handicapper and a secret weapon for determining the likeliest winner in a given field. The app generates a rating for horses after crunching a proprietary algorithm which considers track conditions, speed at sprints, class, and numerous other variables. Rate every horse in the field and the one that comes out on top is the one where the smart money wagers. Compare ratings to zero in on a clear potential winner, and consider adjusting your bet accordingly. Interface is smooth, easy, and intuitive, unlike picking winners.

Best Horse Racing Bet Apparel

  • Determines horse with greatest potential for winning in a given field
  • Rates horses with multi-factorial algorithm
  • Compare ratings among horses
  • Tailor your bet to the horse’s rating
  • Bet on the one that comes out on top