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The latest tweets from @CampandFurnace. The wild and whacky fusion of comedy, rave and of course, bingo has delighted attendees all over the world since its inception in 2015. Having sold out in Ibiza and Australia, Bongo's Bingo became embroiled in a furious row with the Baltic Triangle venue Camp and Furnace in Liverpool over ownership of the Bongo's Bingo events.

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a love for all things bingo. You might even be a bingo veteran who has had their fair share of wins and losses over the years. But have you ever played a game of bingo after a rave interval? Have you ever had to take part in a dance-off to win a cash prize? If the answer to either question is no, you clearly haven’t heard of Bongo’s Bingo. Read on to find out if this crazy event is your cup of tea…

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One of the main disadvantages to bingo is that many people nowadays think it’s a game for pensioners—confined to old and outdated bingo halls. It’s certainly one of the attributing factors to the decline of bingo halls over the years. In light of that, a mad genius by the name of Jonny Bongo decided to change the game of bingo forever. Bongo is more than used to hosting nights of madness; after all, he holds a record for organizing the biggest pub quiz night ever held. You can find out exactly how Bongo’s Bingo works below. So if you’re a bit bingo-obsessed, or you’re looking for something new, keep reading!

What Is Bongo's Bingo?

Bongo’s Bingo gives your favourite traditional game a special twist. A typical night at Bongo’s Bingo consists of several rounds of bingo interspersed with rave intervals, dance-offs and catwalks down tables. It’s essentially bingo played over pitchers of cocktails and beer, with frantic dancing to 90’s pop music and celebrity entertainment. Past celebrity appearances have included David Hasselhoff, Five, S Club and the Vengaboys. The evenings are of course, hosted by Jonny Bongo. But he’s not alone—he’s helped by his trusty sidekicks Sweaty Betty and Peggy.

One moment you’ll be playing bingo without a sound in the room, and the next you’ll be dancing on the tables to whatever fast-paced number Jonny Bongo plays. The middle of the event usually consists of a 15 minute rave involving the night’s celebrity entertainment. The lights will go out, there will be glowsticks aplenty, and you’ll probably be covered in confetti by the end of it. You might think you’re great at multi-tasking (it’s one of the great health benefits of bingo after all), but have you ever gone from dancing on a table to trying to find a called number on your bingo card?

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What Prizes Are There?

Bongo’s Bingo usually starts things off slow with rubbish prizes consisting of boxes of Coco Pops, stuffed animals and a Henry Hoover. Funnily enough, however, these rubbish prizes are house favourites—there’s always a fluffy pink unicorn up for grabs which gets people more serious than a cash prize! Not to mention, the lucky winner of the box of Coco Pops always has to make a big decision—they can keep the box, or they can ‘make it rain’ all over the crowds of people near the stage. Needless to say, it’s clear which option people usually go for! Don’t worry, there’s much more on offer in the way of prizes. Bongo’s Bingo has had incredible prizes in the past, including a sailboat, a Porsche and a holiday to the Caribbean!

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If you think that’s as thrilling as it gets, you’re way off! If you end up calling ‘Bingo!’ at the same time as someone else, you’ll be pulled into a dance-off where the best dancer takes home the prize. Before you tell us that nothing would ever tempt you to get up on stage to dance, you should probably know that past events have seen people showing off their moves for a whopping £1,000 Best online football betting sites. cash prize! And it’s not even about how well you dance—you have to be a crowd pleaser, or you can kiss that money goodbye. You’re probably best off leaving your dignity and anxiety at the door, especially if it might cost you the big bucks!

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How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets typically cost anywhere from £2 to £6, depending on how big the event is. The prizes come out of the entry fee, so if you’re going to one of Bongo’s special events, the entry fee might be slightly higher. Of course, this doesn’t include the cost of refreshments which are practically an essential aspect of the night—you won’t find many tables without a pitcher or two. Before you start dreaming about chugging down pitcher after pitcher, you should bear in mind that the best prizes come later in the evening. Plus, you’ll want to concentrate on the numbers!

Think making a false call is tough in a bingo hall? You’ve never been to Bongo’s Bingo! If you make a false call there, you’ll be faced with jeers and a few obscenities from hundreds of people (depending on the venue).

So Why Should I Go?

When you play bingo, it can be pretty disappointing when you don’t win anything—we all know what the stages of losing at bingo can be like after all! Plus, it can be irritating when you want to chat with your friends—one of the reasons online bingo is so popular is because you can play and chat at the same time. Bongo’s Bingo has the solution to these problems—while clubbing all night can be tiring and regular bingo might seem boring, Bongo’s Bingo is full of bingo and non-stop madness. With a variety of great (and rubbish) prizes, not to mention raves and dance-offs, you’ve got an exciting night ahead of you!

This crazy event started out in Liverpool, but has since been selling out in cities including Manchester, Cardiff and Leeds. If you live further south and still want to get in on the action, you could also try out Bingo Academy. They put on similar events with an emphasis on teaching you the bingo basics while you party the night away!

By this point, it’s easy to see why Bongo’s Bingo always receives a Full House whenever it’s in town. So, if you’re up for a hectic, fast-paced night of bingo with a party atmosphere, you should see if it’s in your town anytime soon. Beware: 100% involvement is not optional!

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This post has been written by the lovely Laura – a fellow Liverpool food and drink writer. Check her out on Instagram @myfoodiejourney_.

Bongo bingo camp and furnace pilot light

With the roaring success of Bongo’s Bingo meaning that the event is now known worldwide and getting tickets to the event is like that of a Glastonbury sale, everybody who’s anybody knows about Bongo’s Bingo. But if you don’t, it’s essentially a game of bingo, and then some. Think ridiculous prizes (Coco Pops, Henry Hoovers, you name it, it’s happened), lots and lots of booze, 90’s remixes, a tonne of confetti and even cash winnings at your fingertips.

Normally a night time event, last week, Jonny Bongo appealed to all the brunch lovers of Liverpool and beyond for a midday game of brunch style Bingo, with Camp n Furnace supplying the venue (and Prosecco) and the fantastic Delifonseca providing the food. We were lucky enough to be invited down to the very first of its kind, to see if Bongo really did know how to brunch.

If you’ve ever attended a Bongo’s Bingo night time event, you’ll be familiar with the Camp n Furnace long table set up,with Bongo on the stage at the front. The Brunch was done very much in the same way, with diners seated in rows and each group provided with an afternoon tea style table arrangement of mini pastries, personalised Bongo’s Bingo crispy cakes and even super gooey brownie style cake pops.

Mini avocado bruschettas, cream cheese bagels and pieces of super tasty frittata were set up on a slate and of course, each diner had a Prosecco glass ready for re-fill. As well as the food on the table, the lovely guys at Delifonseca were also handing out mini chutney-filled sausage butties and tiny bacon rolls.

Once we were all fed and significantly watered (Prosecco was free-flowing for the first hour) Johnny Bongo took to the stage to set the crowd up for the chaos that was to follow. Each guest had been handed a bingo booklet on arrival, along with felt tip pen and a unique cash draw ticket, so we were set up for the game. But first, in true Bongo’s style, we sang along to Hymns, and belted out ‘Like a Prayer’ as a stain glass window appeared on the projector screen.

In honour of Sunday, apparently. Before the bingo had even started, we were already covered in multi-coloured confetti with hoarse voices from singing (shouting) out of tune. It was now time to play bingo.

There were prizes up for grabs for every single line, double line and full house, with some of the most memorable and sought after being a cardboard cut out of miss queen Gemma Collins, a FULL set of Disney Princesses, a box of beloved Coco Pops and everyone’s favourite electrical appliance – the one and only Henry Hoover *cue dramatic music and over-exaggerated bows of adoration. Whilst Jonny Bongo is well known for his top class entertainment, it couldn’t be done without his helpers whose dance moves and stage outfits are pretty unforgettable, let’s just say that.

After the Bingo was played, cash prizes were drawn (£1000 anybody?!), tables were stood on and nobody could see straight, it was time for guest DJ Anton Powers to make an appearance and play us out until 5.30 (pm) after which we would ‘form a giant conga, bounce down to Matthew Street and take off all our clothes’ according to Johnny Bongo.

Bongo Bingo Camp And Furnace Prices

It’s clear that Bongo’s Bingo really is an event like no other, with Scousers proud to call their home the place where it all began. Jonny Lacey has proved he can transform a nighttime rave into a boozy brunch with just as much, if not more fun and outrageous antics involved. Here’s to the next Bongo’s Bingo brunch, if you’re quick you might get a ticket!