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In this article we are going to present you the first mobile casino in Kenya, which today offers sport bets, too – GameMania. This gambling operator is owned by Rambo Resources Ltd – a company which was established back in 2012 year in order to operate in the mining industry, but in the course of time it has changed its main activity and currently it mainly deals in the gambling sphere.

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The mobile betting website was released back in 2016 year and although currently there are many other operators with offers for a mobile casino and mobile sport betting activity, many punters still prefer gambling in GameMania. Read the following lines and you will find the answer to the question whether it is really worth it to place bets in this platform.

Registration, deposit and withdrawal in Game Mania (sign up)

You will not be hardened in the registration process GameMania has establishes, but still it is better for you to read the next guides in order to avoid any problems or mistakes:

1. Touch the text Register. You will see it at the bottom of your mobile device screen.
2. In the only field on the opened page you need to enter your mobile telephone number
3. Press the button Contunue
4. Wait to receive a message with a verification code
5. When you receive it, enter the code in the only field on the page you see
6. Press the button Continue
7. Congrats – you already have an official account in GameMania!

Download game mania app download

Mobile betting in Game Mania (Rambo App). Alongside with these, you have at your disposal the chance to download and install an app for sport betting, too. And it will spend only 3 MB from your device RAM! Simply enter Menu - App and you will be able to meet both of the apps. We would also to remark that both of the apps. Download Fish Mania apk 1.0.467 for Android. A perfect FREE fusion of original Match 3 fun and fresh fish raising gameplay!

This gambling operator’s system is connected to M-Pesa payment system and this is how you can make a deposit in the easiest way. There’s a standard fee over the deposits charged by Safaricom, but in case of a certain deposit amount the bookie will transfer this fee back in your account balance. This promotion refers to the deposits at an amount of 95-99 shielings and all of the deposits above Ksh 250.

Here’s one example: if you deposit Ksh 1 000, the fee you will be charged by Safaricom is 34. This fee amount is going to be added in your gambling account and eventually you will see in it Ksh 1 034 more or in total.

Mobile betting in Game Mania (Rambo App)

The gambling house GameMania has become popular for its mobile bets and hasn’t even tried to make a website for laptops and computers. This is how even if you use a computer you will see the mobile website opened, which isn’t a good option, but on the other side, there’s a contemporary and reliable infrastructure for the mobile punters.
This is the only gambling operator in Kenya that has a specially tailored application for casino games. This is how the betting company keeps on relying on its strong traditions in the mobile casino sector. Alongside with these, you have at your disposal the chance to download and install an app for sport betting, too. And it will spend only 3 MB from your device RAM! Simply enter Menu -> App and you will be able to meet both of the apps. We would also to remark that both of the apps are for Android mobile devices. iOS and the other mobile users can, though, still gamble via their phones, but by using the mobile browser website version.

Sport betting

In order to place football bets in GameMania, you should touch Sports in the menu with links to the main services of the platform. The menu is located in the central side on top of your screen. Then, on this same place you will see three drop down menus. Via the first one select the sport type – football, basketball, rugby, tennis or cricket, while in the second one select whether to see the matches from the day, the upcoming matches or the highlights of the program. In the third drop-down menu you can choose the specific league.

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The bookmaker offers lots of bet types and we can even find bets for the corners or the cards that are, by the way, the most comprehensive bets in Kenya. As a whole, though, we cannot recommend you the sport bets in this bookie because of its significantly higher profit margin in comparison to the average one in the country. The odds that are nearly 1.88-1.67 are far away from the high standard odds in today’s Kenyan betting market.

What other gambling products does Game Mania (contacts) offer?

Virtual sports and casino games

As it has already become clear, GameMania has become popular with its mobile casino and it continues being the bookmaker’s strongerst point. Here we don’t see lots of games, but the small quantity is at the expense of the high quality. The list with the available games includes the following:

  • Baccarat
  • Friut Slots
  • Zoo
  • Roulette
  • Gold Cup
  • Big Wheel
  • Virtual sports
  • Jackpot games

Most bookies suitable for the Kenyan users have only 1 jackpot game, but here in GameMania the jackpot games are two.

One of them is called O/U Mania 10 and it’s the only jackpot game in Kenya that requires from the punters to predict the market Under or Over 2.50 scores. The jackpot in this game is comparatively small – Ksh 100 000 – but, on the other side, it’s quite easier to predict the number of the scores than the winner or even the correct score of the event.

The winner is supposed to be predicted in the other tote game – 1×2 Mania 12 – where the jackpot amount is quite bigger – Ksh 3 000 000.

Game Mania Registration Bonus

KSh 2 000 is the total amount of the bonus for the new customers and it is not given at once, but partially. There are no special requirements for the first three parts, but in order to receive the other parts you should place bets at certain amounts. As a whole, in order to get the entire bonus amount, you must place bets at least at an amount of Ksh 28 300.

This game brings your favorite blue hedgehog back in his former glory to re-conquer older zones and explore new areas.

Sonic is back and more fun than ever

Lose some rings, make some mistakes, and you’ll find yourself back at the start of the level.

Sonic Mania is what you get when you add some new ingredients to an old recipe. Sure, it’s the same meal, but you can sense a few new flavors with every bite. The spices added to this remake include new levels. This means you can roll through some of your favorites, and explore the fantastic additions. Be ready for a challenge, because the developers pulled no stops here.

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Where can you run this program?

Sonic Mania only runs on the Windows operating system. If you’ve got a Windows 7, or higher, you’re ready to play.

Is there a better alternative?

Sonic is one of a kind. Speed and momentum are just two things that separate this title from so many others. There is nothing that even comes close.

Our take


Sonic Mania is, simply put, a classic with a few new touches. It’s got everything you want packed into short levels and simple gameplay.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should definitely give Sonic Mania a try. You might want to retake that nostalgic experience or fly through new levels. Either way, it’s a great game.