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WELCOME to the Safetyzone Newsletter for April 27, 2008
(www.myleague.com/safetyzone, Relaxed Room 2, Chat 1, contact: [email protected])

NEW MEMBERS/RETURNEES TO OUR SAFETYZONE FAMILY: – roxie68, cheza, awdi2612, tinytears2005, Angel1975, KuervoDeMiVida, brandyd, Nuna2Camren, onehotmomma58, wildhawgdudley, HTFromParadise, Traci66 . Welcome all – buy, spin, dab and win lots of bux. I apologize if I missed anyone; we are overjoyed to have you all join or rejoin Safetyzone.

Cases Ladder changed the Safetyzone Main Page without any notice this past week. Safetyzone had no input in this move, and Angelkisses has tried to put on the new Home Page as much as possible as she had on the other main page, but it may take awhile to get everything she can put there finished. Most everything is on the new Home Page, but in a different place. Because playing in tournaments is the most important thing, please see information on registering ways in the RULES … section below.

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Please all players be sure to play in at least ONE TOURNAMENT every 3 weeks or so, or cases ladder automatically removes you from the league and you will have to re-register when you come back. Safetyzone has no control over that at all and though we understand when illness or personal issues make it impossible to do so, cases ladder has made no provisions for this.

Create one here instantly! (Verify your account by clicking on the link we will send to your email.) Step 2. (Username will be your public profile name - any profanity will not be accepted) Password.

Q&A/COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS/SOLUTIONS – [email protected] – I have received some comments and suggestions and thank each of you – but no one indicated they wanted the items put into this article, so I have addressed any issues back to the player and put any resolutions applicable in the related sections of this newsletter.

SAFETYZONE PLAYER BIO – sunshine3375 – My name is Jami Yeagley I am 33 yrs old. I live in Clinton, Utah. I am married to Dallas (xxxtreme). We have 2 boys, Dustyn 10 and Jeramy 8. Right now I am a stay at home mom. Looking to go back to work fulltime. I enjoy spending time with my family, and playing bingo with all of you in hey bingo.

Heybingo Spin Bingo

Please all players try to watch for when the TD lists the winners of each round and if they are incorrect, respond immediately so they can fix the problem before posting the winners. Once the winners have been posted for swiss tournaments we cannot go back and fix it, so we try to gift bux to compensate, but it is much easier if the problem is told to the TD before they SAY they are moving on to the next round. Thanks. These suggestions are only to try to make tournaments run smoothly so we can have more of them and so each one is fun for the players.

Also if a TD gifts bux , it is NOT done automatically and it may take a little come for it to reach you (a TD donation is automatic when bux are awarded). Check your email for one saying you were gifted the bux to be sure you get them. If you don’t get the email by the next day, let me (redwinner), angelkisses or h8tz2looze know and we will fix it. The standings are done automatically by the computer. Sometimes the TD running the tournament cannot gift the bux, so they have us do it and that also adds to the time delay. So thanks for your patience if this happens and go win those bux.

Back2Back2Back – tomthumb79, tgw111, tigerman, mysticfairy2006, celticfairy, staroffire, and tgw111
Battle of the Sexes – xxxtreme, rick1959 and tgw111 all tied
Top 20 – tombthumb79
Strike-It-Rich – xxxtreme, staroffire and h8tz2looze tied
Partners Tourney – begins April 29
Afternoon Picnic … – see each individual Tournament Page (thru the Tourney Calendar) for winners
Late Late Nighter – see each individual Tournament Page (thru the Tourney Calendar) for winners
Tournament of Champions (monthly- April) – phillio and dorothytheone1

Sat only – Back2Back2Back (9 pm)
Sun only – Battle of the Sexes (9 pm); – note TIME CHANGE
Sun only – Top 20* (10 pm);
Sun only – Strike-It-Rich (10:30 pm except when TOC then this one not held)
Mon-Fri – Afternoon Picnic with mystic and sun (1:30 pm)
Mon-Fri – Late Late Nighter (11 pm)
Weekly – Partners Tourney (9 pm)
– begins April 29
Monthly – Tournament of Champions* (1st Sun, 10:30 pm)

*Invitation only tournament – be sure to check your e-mails for your invite.
**All times are USA Eastern time, so be sure to adjust for your time zone.

# OF TOURNEYS DONE FOR THE WEEK – 80 – thanks for the support all the TDs and players.

TD OF THE WEEK – tomthumb79 with 20 – CONGRATS on a great job

TD OF THE MONTH – MARCH – mysticfairy2006 along with the most tournaments also a great job doing so much training. Cached. Our thanks also to phillio1 as she was a close 2nd in both areas – Great Job .

Starting in July we will also add a category TD OF THE YEAR – covering the first 6 months – so TBD.

Buttons and links for the Breast Cancel Awareness, Animal Rescue Site, Paradize Radio and the Newsletter blog are all now below the list of TDs in the middle of the home page – just click on the down arrow on the right side of the red box to see them, then click the button or the link below the graphic to access them. (The radio and newsletter also have a link on the right side of the page to click on.)

Since we have a brand new Home Page we will be starting from scratch on how to register, check in, withdraw, etc, to be able to play in tourneys and then move on to other parts of this new home page each week. This week I will cover 4 different ways to register for a tournament (in no particular order and you may find even more).

A new feature of this new Home Page is that you can log onto the website one time using the Login area at the top right and the computer will remember your logon info. This save typing by automatically filling in your info for each tournament (and other sections like “My Account”), but you will still have to register for each individual tournament just like before. And you may have to refresh//reload between tournaments so the next tourney link shows. You do NOT HAVE TO use this feature to play in tournaments, and still fill in your information for each tourney you want to play in as before.

The First way to register is the “Search” box located on the right side of the screen, below the login in area – type in the Jump# the TD gives in the heybingo chat, and hit the Go button. The pop up screen that comes up is the same as with the old main page and the steps are the same to register, confirm you are in and check the rules, plus it will work the same whether you one-time register or not. Remember to refresh/reload for the next tourney if you one-time registered.

A Second way is on the left side of the home page above the heart/angel-wings graphic – this is a one-line toggle list called “Upcoming Tournaments” – it shows only for the current day and only shows one tourney at a time in a single line, so it switches back and forth among the tournaments (it also may show currently playing and closed tournaments). Watch for the one you want, click on the TDs name (it only shows time and TD, no tourney #) and again the pop up screen and rest of the steps are the same as before.

A Third way is to page down about half way to “Tournament Events” in the center of the page. The scheduled tournaments for the current day are listed. If one is going on it will say “In Progress” at the end, and finished ones may still show and say “Completed” in gray. All upcoming tourneys show the time, the TD, bux being charged, some other info and (Register) in yellow or green. If you have one-time registered, simply click on the (Register) and you are in the tournament and the info in ( ) will change to “Registered” in gray. To double-check you have successfully registered, click on the TDs name, and do the steps outlined above.

And the Fourth way is in the same place under the Tab called “Tourney Calendar”. Click on it and all tournaments scheduled for the day, finished or to come, are listed (plus you can click on any day on the calendar to see the list for that day). Find the one you want by the time/TD and click on the TD’s name. Whether you are one-time registered or not, the same pop-up screen again comes up – the only difference is if you did the one-time register, you won’t have to type your player info in. All the rest is the same as before.

Since we have been moved to a new server that is in beta testing, unfortunately there may be times when things go wrong, but the TD has no way of knowing unless the player tells them. So each player needs to confirm they are in themselves right after registering (you can also click on “RULES” to see what games are being played after doing this). Even if the TD shows you are in, that may not be the case – only the player can confirm for sure. You do this after it says you are registered (before closing page out) by clicking on the TEAMS (or it may say TEAMS/CHECKIN) link across the top of the page.

and look to see it says “YES” in the “CHECKED IN” column. If you are not listed, re-register the same way or another way. If you are listed but it says “NO” tell the TD they need to open the tournament for check-in and you will need to go back and click on TEAMS/CHECKIN and check in (instead of register). You should do the confirmation no matter how you register. Hopefully cases ladder will fix this problem in the near future.

You can also withdraw from a tournament by clicking on any one of the registration ways (filling in the info if needed), and clicking the “Withdraw” button.

So find the one is easiest and most comfortable way for you and register, confirm, see rules, buy cards, spin, dab and win big bux.

WELL FOLKS, that is it for this edition. Buy, spin, dab and win lots of bux – and have a great week.

For newsletter information please contact redwinner at [email protected] (email or instant messenger). Deadline is Saturdays at 6 pm USA eastern time to get in the newsletter coming out Sunday (newsletter information runs from Sundays to Saturdays).


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