How To Cheat In Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one casino game where a combination of luck and skills can do wonders, and many Blackjack players have had their own “from rags to riches” stories to boast to the rest of the world! When players choose to play slots, they rely entirely on luck – which is not the case for more complex games such as Blackjack. Rather, they usually combine their luck with certain blackjack skills such as card counting, and a basic blackjack strategy. If you’re looking to get one up over the house, you too can easily learn these skills and turn the tables with our ultimate blackjack cheat sheet!

A Blackjack strategy is essential

There’s not an awful lot you need to learn in order to use a basic strategy for blackjack. This blackjack cheat sheet is a simple chart which suggests the various different types of actions you can take when playing this game, such as hit, stand, split, double down, surrender, etc. You can match your hand’s total with the dealer’s “upcard” on this chart, and then take the suggested action.

Unlike games such as poker, luckily you don’t need to completely memorize the blackjack cheat sheet if you want to play blackjack online and win real money. When playing online, you simply play against the computer, thereby avoiding any real risk of being caught using a strategy chart of some kind.

Counting cards using a Blackjack cheat sheet


As far as blackjack card counting is concerned, this is something where you do need to have a good memory, plus the ability to perform addition and subtraction very quickly. In card counting, you assign positive (+1), negative (-1), and neutral (0) values to individual cards in a deck. Jumanji free spins free. Assign positive values to the cards from 2 to 6; assign neutral values to the cards from 7 to 9; assign negative values to the cards from 10 to Ace.

A fool-proof blackjack strategy or blackjack cheat sheet will always advise players to keep a mental tally of the cards dealt. That way you’ll have a better idea of your next moves, and how they will affect the game.

The classic stereotype of a cheating blackjack player is the one where they have cards hidden up their sleeves. There really are retractable arm-mounted card holders. They slide the card out from your sleeve into the palm of your hand. Stage magicians, the kind who depend on illusions, use them. Instances of casino cheating are very rare, but they can and do happen. Here are a few schemes casinos have used to screw unsuspecting blackjack players. Most of us associate blackjack tricks with advantage play techniques like shuffle tracking and card counting. Most people don’t know how to cheat online casinos because it’s almost impossible for the average person to pull off. Casinos spend millions of dollars industry-wide to prevent players from cheating them out of money. The most common cheating strategy—and the one you’re most likely to see some success with—is bonus abuse. The casino has no reason to remove a few tens to get an extra half percent edge when they already have math on their side. All it would take is a single disgruntled casino employee or watchful player and the casino loses its license with the people who did it going to jail. The blackjack game is rigged in its traditional rule as used in Las Vegas. To name a few: 1. Show one card to you. Most people freak out when they see a 10 or face card.

A simple way to count cards in blackjack would look like this…

Begin your count at 0. Each time a positive card is dealt, add 1 to your count. And each time a negative card is dealt, subtract 1 from your count. Leave the count as it is in the case a neutral card is dealt. If your count is +2 or more, you should place relatively bigger bets because the chances of getting a hand like 20, 21, or a Blackjack are pretty elevated in a positive count. On the other hand, if the count is negative, place relatively smaller bets.

Don’t get caught!

How To Cheat In Casino Blackjack Slot Machines

These techniques look promising but they have their cons too. First, if you’re caught cheating, the casino folks will waste no time kicking you out. Secondly, you need to be very quick at addition and subtraction if you want to use this blackjack cheat sheet and utilize blackjack card counting effectively. Consider yourself ready for card counting if you can count an entire deck of cards under 30 seconds. Finally, these blackjack winning techniques work, but may not work every time. These techniques are suggestions, not the word of God.

How To Cheat In Casino Blackjack

Nevertheless, many people have made their fortunes using the techniques within this blackjack cheat sheet, and there’s no harm in trying them out while playing free casino games. Who knows, you just might make a fortune using them. Good luck while enjoying the best gambling experience at the best US casino!

How To Cheat In Casino Blackjack No Deposit

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