How To Remove Upi Account In Paytm

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Paytm allow us a lot of different ways to transfer money such as UPI, Paytm wallet to wallet transaction, Bank to bank transactions and so more. Not only the digital payment it also provide a lot of facilities such as booking any tickets, Paying to stores and so more by doing this you will also get a lot of cash back in the form of Paytm stickers. How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently Best Working Method. Paytm Account Delete Method is Not an Automatic Process. It Will be Done by Paytm Technical Team Manually. So You will Have to Send a Request to Paytm Team with Proper Reasons to Delete Your Paytm Account with Full Details. Download the latest version of paytm app in your phone and login with the account you want to delete. Go to profile section on Paytm app and click on “ 24×7 help ”. Texas holdem deluxe facebook. तो अब आपका paytm account बन चुका है। और wallet activated है। Wallet से recharge और payment करने के लिए आपको wallet में पैसे जोड़ने होंगे। आप UPI, Debit Card और Credit Card से (wallet की limit तक के. These 3 short and simple security tips can keep you safe every time you use your favorite Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank account, Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card and Paytm BHIM UPI: Paytm Wallet: Always verify and install the authentic Paytm app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store; Add your email and verify to get notified of any.

2How to delete paytm account – through paytm website
paytm is one of the best and fastest payment services in India to transfer your money and also for paying bills online. but if you facing any problem and want to delete the Paytm account then this article will help you to delete your paytm account.
in paytm online bank you can add money through your bank and also from the UPI method. but there are many peoples who don’t know about these all features of the paytm account and want to delete their account from the paytm.
so let’s dive into the delete your paytm paytm account you can transfer your fund, paying bills online, booking a bus, and many more things are offering by the paytm. but if you want to delete your account then this article for you to understand how to delete the paytm account.

How to delete paytm account – through paytm mobile app

to delete your paytm account you just need to follow these below steps and delete your account in a short time.
  1. open paytm app or update your app from playstore or from IOS store
  2. Click on the top left of the screen and open menu
  3. then tap on the side menu,
  4. open 24/7 help option
  5. and then tap on the first option “managing my paytm account”
  6. now choose third option ” I need to close/delete my account”
  7. now you just need to read all the steps and you need to clear your paytm balance and also need to clear gold if you have from your account
  8. now go back and click on “managing my paytm account” option
  9. after that click on ” I am unable yo access my account
  10. there you just need to send message and mention that “you want to close your account and already clear all your balance from your paytm account”
  11. after that, they will reply, and you will receive an OTP and a link to delete your paytm account.
  12. now you just need to open the link and enter OTP after that click on the submit button to delete the paytm account.
  13. congratulation now your paytm account is deleted
  14. now your paytm account is deleted from the paytm.
NOTE: some users cant have access to delete their account so they need to deactivate or block their paytm account

How to delete paytm account – through paytm website

so if you want to delete your paytm account using the paytm website then here your answer to delete the paytm account.
to delete paytm account you just need to follow these steps

How To Make Paytm Account

  1. open paytm website click here
  2. now open/ login into your paytm account
  3. now tap on “my account”
  4. after that select “I am unable to access my account” option
  5. then you need to select issue “I need to block my account”
  6. after that, they send an URL and an OTP
  7. you need to click on that URL and put the OTP
  8. after that, they will bock your account
  9. done

How to delete paytm account using IVR service:

to make sure your paytm account is deleted you just need to call this number “01133996699″.
in case if you are unable to call this number you can choose the mobile app. for that open your app and click on your profile icon and then select “24/7 help”.
once the page opens, you need to scroll down and you will get a number to contacting customer service.
after that, you need to call that number using your registered mobile number. after that follow these steps to delete your paytm account through IVR.

Paytm Log In Accounts

  1. After calling that number you will have to press 3 on your failing pad for “queries related to your Paytm account”
  2. now you have to wait unlike they speak about “close your account” which would be the sixth option so you need to press 6 to continue further
  3. after that you need to enter the first four digits of your aadhar card number. so keep it handy. also if your paytm account is not linked with your aadhar card then there is no other way to delete block account
  4. after that if you entered 4 digits then they will ask for confirmation so you just need to confirm it for further process to delete your paytm account.
  5. now your request to delete your paytm account is registered to delete it. they will delete your paytm account in next 24 hours


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