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Bingo Halls (In the Maine bingo listings, day and time of play, type of games, facilities etc., if shown, are indicative and may change. Phone before you go. Listings that don't show when 'Submitted' are old pre-2001 listings. Please note: We rely on the bingo hall owner/administrator to report changes and closures, and we receive feedback from visitors, which is helpful and very much appreciated.)

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Bingo calls are words or phrases that accompany the ball numbers. The most famous bingo calls usually rhyme, and some have even made it into mainstream language. In bingo halls of old, bingo calls were sometimes shouted out by the players after the bingo caller announced the number in a call-and-response fashion. Louis, Missouri. Phone numbers and maps are included for each Bingo Hall. I advise you to contact the Bingo Hall directly by phone before making travel plans. (Schedules may change overnite without notice). Also, I've added some East Side Bingo Halls and those too are less than 1 hour from. Louis, Missouri. Rude Bingo Calls at Bingo Halls. One of the most entertaining aspects of visiting a bingo hall is the caller. All regular bingo players know the standard calls, such as “two fat ladies” and “legs eleven”, however there are some bingo halls out there that like to spice things up a little by adding rude bingo.

  • Augusta
    ~ Augusta Elks #964 Bingo, 397 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330, Kennebec, USA. Phone: (207) 622-9861, Disabled facilities: handicap accessible, no stairs, restrooms, extra space at tables if needed, handicap parking places near the building, Playtime: Wednesday, Thursday 6 p.m.
    Remarks: We have plenty of free parking. We have three size packages: 6 cards for$10, 12 cards for $14, 18 cards for $17. This is a NEW START TIME. There are 3 Pull-tab games. We have an assortment of Daubers, bingo bags and cushions. Also scotch tape is available to purchase. We have nightly raffle drawings. Food is available.
    [Submitted October 2011, updated April 2014.]
    ~ Calumet Club, 334 West River Rd, Augusta 04330, USA. Phone: 207-623-9874, Email: [email protected], Website:, Disabled facilities: ramp and restroom access, Playtime: Wednesday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m.
    [Submitted December 2018 ]
  • Bangor
    ~ Elks,108 Odlin Rd,Bangor, Maine 04401-6704,USA. Game play: Mon & Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 942-8711
    ~ VFW,1356 Hammond St,Bangor, Maine 04402-1761,USA. Game play: Tue & Sat-6:00Phone: (207) 945-9338
  • Bath
    ~ Bath Senior Center, 45 Floral St, Bath, ME 04530, USA. Phone: 207-522-4166, Disabled facilities: Handicapped accessible, Playtime: Thursday 6:00 PM
    Remarks: Nice hall, Friendly staff
    [Submitted March 2011 ]
  • Biddeford
    ~ Rochambeau Club, 329 South St, Biddeford, Maine 04005-9300, USA. Game play: Fridays 6:15, Phone: (207) 283-3833
    [Submitted May 2009 ]
  • Brewer
    ~ Eagles, 101 Atlantic, Brewer, Maine 04412-1517, USA. Game play: Thu 6:00pm, Sun 5:00pm, Phone: (207) 989-3177
  • Brunswick
    ~ 55 Plus Center,6 Noble St,Brunswick, Maine 04011-2410,USA. Game play: Fri & Sat-6:30 Sun-1:00Phone: (207) 729-0757
    ~ Evergreen Senior Citizens,1 Columbus Ave,Brunswick, Maine 04011-1551,USA. Game play: Mon-Sun-6:30Phone: (207) 729-5038
    ~ Knights of Columbus, 2 Columbus drive, Brunswick, Maine 04011, USA. Phone: 729-6552, Disabled facilities: Handicap accesible, Playtime: Tuesdays 6:30pm
    Remarks: Plenty of parking, Canteen available, 50/50 drawings.
    [Submitted March 2012 ]
  • Caribou
    ~ American Legion,129 Sweden Street,Caribou, Maine 04736,USA. Game play: Thu & Sat-6:30Phone: (207) 498-2844
    ~ Caribou Senior Citizen's Bingo, Sweden St..across from S.W. Collins Building, Caribou, Maine 04736, USA. Phone: (207) 493-9987, Playtime: Tuesday at 7pm, Every other Saturday, 1st and 3rd Sunday at 6:30pm
    Remarks: Early birds are $50.00 and all regular games pay $100.00 with one $150.00 special and 2 winner take alls. Come join the fun!
    [Submitted September 2003 ]
  • Damariscotta
    ~ Wells Hussey American Legion Post 42, Business Rt. 1, Damariscotta, Maine 04543, USA. Phone: 207-563-3738, Contact name: Stanley Wall or Henry Waltz, Playtime: Thursday 6:30p.m.
    Remarks: A chair lift is available for those who need it.
    [Submitted July 2007 ]
  • Dexter
    ~ American Legion,37 Grove St,Dexter, Maine 04930-1376,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 924-3254
    ~ VFW Bingo,Cedar Street,Dexter, Maine 04930-2620,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30Phone: (207) 924-3806
  • Fort Fairfield
    ~ VFW,64 Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Maine,USA. Game play: Wed-7:00Phone: (207) 473-7420
  • Fort Kent
    ~ Knights of Columbus,Frenchville Rd,Fort Kent, Maine 04743,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30Phone: (207) 834-6068
    ~ VFW,9609 E Main,Fort Kent, Maine 04743-0398,USA. Game play: Wed-6:45Phone: (207) 834-5930
  • Gardiner
    ~ Knights of Columbus,101 Spring St,Gardiner, Maine 04345-1880,USA. Game play: Fri-6:45Phone: (207) 582-1497
  • Gray
    ~ American Legion,15 Lewiston Rd,Gray, Maine 04039-0428,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 657-4884
  • Greenville
    ~ American Legion,Pritham Ave,Greenville, Maine 04441-0122,USA. Game play: Sat-6:30Phone: (207) 695-3248
  • Greenwood
    ~ Jackson-Silver Post 68 Bingo, 595 Gore Rd, Greenwood, Maine 04255, USA. Phone: 207-875-2375, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Wayne Hakala, Disabled facilities: Yes, Playtime: Wed and Fri 6 PM Doors open 4
    Remarks: Starting in April 2012, Super bingo on the second Friday of each month. Doors open at 3 PM, play at 6 PM.
    [Submitted August 2010, updated March 2012.]
  • Hampden
    ~ Whitcomb-Baker VFW, Canoe Club Road, Hampden, ME 04444, USA. Phone: 207-862-2553, Playtime: Friday's 6pm
    Remarks: It is a small bingo
    [Submitted September 2004 ]
    ~ VFW, Canoe Club Road, Hampden, ME 04444, USAPhone: (207) 862-2553, Playtime: Fridays
    Remarks: Early Birds 6:00, Reg Bingo 7:00
    [Submitted March 2007 ]
  • Howland
    ~ American Legion #97,Water St,Howland, Maine 04448-0030,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 732-4111
  • Jay
    ~ AMVETS Post #33, Don't knowAddress: Main Street, Jay, Maine 04239, USA. Phone: (207) 897-4112, Contact name: commander Greg McDonald, Disabled facilities: yes, Playtime: 12:45 PM Sunday
    Remarks: All proceeds go to childrens and veterans charities. Also sell pull tab tickets state minimum pay out $1400.00 .
    [Submitted December 2012 ]
  • Kezar Falls
    ~ American Legion,Mt View Ave, Kezar Falls, Maine,USA. Game play: Fri-6:00Phone: (207) 625-9302
  • Lewiston
    ~ Cavalier Club Bingo Hall, 855 Lisbon Street (Rear of Promenade Mall), Lewiston, Maine 04240, USA. Phone: 207-784-0244, Contact name: Dick Laliberte, Playtime: Tues, Thurs, Fri 6:30pm, Open at 4; NEW: Saturdays at 1pm
    Remarks: This is the NEW home of Cavalier Club Bingo! The Bingo Hall is located in the rear of the 'Promenade' Mall behind Staples. No Stairs and Plenty of Parking!
    [Submitted November 2004 ]
    ~ Pleasant Street Bingo,475 Pleasant St,Lewiston, Maine 04243-1037,USA. Game play: 7 days, 6:30Phone: (207) 777-1394
  • Lincoln
    ~ Knights of Columbus,State Rd Route 2,Lincoln, Maine 04457-0506,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30 pmPhone: (207) 794-8948
  • Linneus
    ~ Linneus Sno-Sports, Mill Brook Rd., Linneus, Maine 04730, USA. Phone: 207-694-2221, Hotline: 207-694-2221, Contact name: Jack Gentle, Playtime: [email protected] 6:30
    Remarks: Early Birds start @ 6:30 Reg games @ 7:00
    [Submitted September 2004 ]
  • Madison
    ~ VFW,Breble Ave,Madison, Maine 04950-0074,USA. Game play: Sat-6:30Phone: (207) 696-3806
  • Mars Hill
    ~ American Legion Post 118, 1 Silver Street, Mars Hill, ME 04758, USA. Phone: 207-425-2120, Playtime: 7:00 PM on Saturdays
    [Submitted June 2016 ]
  • Millinocket
    ~ Elks Lodge,213 Aroostook Ave,Millinocket, Maine 04462-0158,USA. Game play: Thu-6:30Phone: (207) 723-4207
    ~ VFW,40 Oxford St,Millinocket, Maine 04462-1243,USA. Game play: Sun-1:00 Tue-7:00Phone: (207) 723-8442
  • Naples
    ~ American Legion,Route 11,Naples, Maine 04055-0155,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 693-6285
  • North Windham
    ~ American Legion [email protected] Veterans Center, Rt. 302 behind Hannafords-Vet. Ctr. , N. Windham, ME 04062, USA. Phone: 892-1159, Playtime: Tuesday 6:30 PM, early bird 6 PM
    Remarks: Follow signs from Rte. 302 near Big Lots down short driveway to Veteran's Center. Plenty of parking.
    [Submitted August 2013 ]
  • Norway
    ~ American Legion,Main St,Norway, Maine 04268-0538,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30Phone: (207) 743-7294
  • Old Orchard Beach
    ~ American Legion Post 57, 14 Imperial St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, US. Phone: 207 934 4724, Playtime: Mon & Sat, 6:25PM
    [Submitted May 2009 ]
  • Old Town
    ~ Knights of Columbus,Gilman Falls Ave,Old Town, Maine 04468-0458,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30Phone: (207) 827-7371
    ~ Penobscot High Stakes Bingo,6 River Road,Old Town, Maine 04468-0046,USA. Game play: Please Call for Days & Times(800) 255-1293
  • Orono
    ~ Orono American Legion Post 84, 156 Parks Street, Orono, Maine 04473, Penobscot, 04473, USA. Phone: 207-866-5603, Contact name: Roland Huston, Playtime: Sunday 1:00PM
    Remarks: Doors open at 10:00AM. We have air for those hot days. Food available.
    [Submitted July 2013 ]
  • Presque Isle
    ~ Elks,508 Main, Presque Isle, Maine,USA. Game play: Fri-7:00 2nd Sun-6:00Phone: (207) 764-0985
  • Richmond
    ~ American Legion Post 132, Carding Machine Road, Richmond, Maine 04357, United States. Phone: (207) 737-2113, Website:, Disabled facilities: Bathroom and ramp to door, Playtime: Saturday 6:00 pm and Sunday 1:00 pm
    Remarks: Run five different pull tabs. Now taking Visa, Mastercard, Discover, EBT cash cards, and checks.
    [Submitted October 2010, updated November 2011.]
  • Rockland
    ~ VFW,235 Park Street,Rockland, Maine 04841-2127,USA. Game play: Mon & Fri-6:30Phone: (207) 594-9349
  • Sanford
    ~ Amvets Post # 3 Bingo Hall, 169 School St, Sanford, Maine 04073, USA. Phone: 207-636-7037, Hotline: 207-324-9515, Contact name: Barbara, Playtime: Mon & Thu 6:15
    Remarks: Home cooked food at concession stand, air conditioned, we support our veterans and our community...
    [Submitted June 2006 ]
    ~ Sanford Elks Lodge,7 Elm St,Sanford, Maine 04073-3001,USA. Game play: Tue & Sun 6:15Phone: (207) 324-8184
  • Skowhegan
    ~ American Legion,Rte 201,Skowhegan, Maine 04976-0015,USA. Game play: Sun-6:30Phone: (207) 474-2090
    ~ Eagles,115 Water,Skowhegan, Maine 04976-1720,USA. Game play: Thu-6:30Phone: (207) 474-3466
  • South Portland
    ~ Johns Roberts Road Bingo, 201 John Roberts Road, South Portland, Maine 04106-3201, USA. Phone: (207) 761-2717
    [Submitted May 2003 ]
  • Southwest Harbor
    ~ American Legion,Municipal Parking Lot,Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679-0098,USA. Game play: Wed-6:00Phone: (207) 244-7471
  • Topsham
    ~ Topsham Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall, 54 Elm Street, Topsham, Maine 04086, USA. Phone: (207) 1943, Playtime: Thursday 6:30pm
    [Submitted January 2006 ]
  • Trenton
    ~ American Legion Post #207, 163 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, Maine 04605, USA. Phone: 207-667-9918, Fax: 207-667-0804, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Reajean Young, Website:, Playtime: Mon & Wed 6pm, Sat 5pm
    Remarks: We have great payouts, new electronic bingo machines, a 50/50 and prize raffles, a large comfortable hall, clean restrooms and a full service concessions.
    [Submitted September 2006 ]
  • Van Buren
    ~ American Legion,15 Washington Ave,Van Buren, Maine 04785-0296,USA. Game play: Mon & Tue-7:00Phone: (207) 868-3317
  • Warren
    ~ Warren Odd Fellows Hall, 37 Camden Rd (Rt 1 & 90 ), Warren, Maine 04864, USA. Phone: 207 273-2442, Disabled facilities: Yes, Playtime: Thurs 6:30 pm, doors open 5:00 pm
    Remarks: Hard cards & paper specials, sealed tickets, 50/50 raffle, concession stand with free coffee.
    [Submitted July 2011 ]
  • Waterboro
    ~ Massbesic Lions Club, 813D Main Street, Waterboro, Maine 04087, USA. Phone: 207-247-9960, Hotline: 207-651-1126, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Lion Carolyn Gile, Website:, Playtime: Monday - Open 4:30 - Play 6:00
    Remarks: Reasonable priced. Sealed Tickets available. Large, brightly lighted hall, elevator, air conditioned, lots of parking. Delicious homemade specials weekly from our Bingo kitchen (plus the usual fare). Free coffee and ice water. Manned by very friendly all-volunteer Lions. 100% of profits must be used for charitable purposes.
    [Submitted October 2008, updated May 2018.]
  • Waterville
    ~ Bourque Lanigan Post 5 American Leagion, 21 College Avenue, Waterville, Maine 04901, USA. Phone: 1(207)-872-9777, Playtime: Thursday, Saturday 6:30; Sunday afternoon 2:pm
    [Submitted May 2005 ]
    ~ Waterville Elks Lodge, 76 Industrial Road, Waterville, Maine 04901, USA. Phone: 207-873-4335, Playtime: Monday & Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
    Remarks: Beginning the first of August 2011, we are adding Wednesday Night Bingo to our schedule. We have revised our prices. They are now 12 or 18 cards for $13.00 and 24 cards for $18.00.
    [Submitted June 2010, updated June 2011.]
  • Westbrook
    ~ Knights of Columbus,89 Saco Street,Westbrook, Maine 04098-0664,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (207) 854-8949
  • West Farmington
    ~ Farmington Elks LodgeListed: Not listedAddress: 120 School StreetCity: West Farmington, Maine 04992, USA. Phone: 207-778-6761, Email: [email protected], Disabled facilities: we have a wheel chair ramp and plenty of seating, Playtime: 6:00 PM
    Remarks: We offer one WTA, Speed Ball, and Early bird games. Also offered, King of the Mountain and one other pull tab game. Food and coffee are offered for a small fee. Come and join in the FUN!!
    [Submitted March 2012 ]
  • Windham
    ~ American Legion Bingo, Veterans Center Rte. 302, Windham, ME 04062, USA. Phone: 207-892-1159, Playtime: Tuesday 6:30 PM, early bird 6 PM
    Remarks: Seasonal from early spring to late fall
    [Submitted September 2013 ]
  • Winslow
    ~ Winslow VFW Post 8835, 175 Vetran Drive, Winslow, Maine 04901, Kennebec, USA. Phone: (207) 873-1908, Fax: (207) 873-0926, Email: [email protected], Playtime: Every Tuesday 06:30PM & Sundays 06:00PM
    Remarks: Super Bingo first Sunday of each month. Food, coffee & soft drinks available. Pay State Maximum plus Winner Take All.
    [Submitted January 2008 ]

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