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Q: Why have you replaced the draw machines?

A: The previous machines were used since 1982 when LOTTO 6/49 launched. Although being used for more than 30 years, the old draw machines were extremely reliable. However, we wanted to replace them while they were still functioning properly, rather than wait until a problem developed.

Q: What are the key differences between the old and new machines?

Lottery Ball Machine For Sale

A: The main difference is how they look, but the primary mechanics of the new machine are the same as the old one.

It thoroughly mixes a set of 49 balls and selects the appropriate number of balls for the specific lottery game (6 main numbers and a bonus number for LOTTO 6/49; 7 main numbers and a bonus number for LOTTO MAX).

The new machines select balls using a piston that raises each ball out of the mixing drum and drops them into a ball chute, while the old machines used a gravity based system that had balls drop out of the mixing drum and into a ball chute.

Q: Is there anything different in the draw process?

Lottery ball machine for sale

A: The only difference the draws now starts automatically after the balls have been mixed for a set length of time. Previously, a trust officer initiated the draw with the press of a button after the balls were mixed. This change means less human interaction in the draw. All lottery draws continue to be audited internally and externally.
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Q: Has the location of the draws changed?

A: No. The draws are made at a private location in a secure building in Toronto.

Q: Have the draw balls changed?

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A: The LOTTO MAX balls are the same balls used prior to the machine change because they are supported for the new machines.

The LOTTO 6/49 balls have changed because the previous ones were from another manufacturer.

Q: How can I view the draws?

Lotto Draw Machine

A: All draws are recorded and posted to the website and alternative media channels like Youtube so that they are accessible online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Draws are available shortly after the draw process is complete, around 10pm CT.

To view DAILY GRAND, LOTTO MAX or LOTTO 6/49 draws on our website, visit the Winning Numbers page for the game you wish to view and click on ‘Watch the Draw!’.

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Still have questions? Contact Customer Care at 1-800-665-3313 or by email.

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