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Odibets app download – do we need a mobile app?

Mit card counting system. It’s not that you don’t need a betting app, because even if you want to download Odibets app, you cannot do to, because the company just hasn’t developed one.

View our sms betting odds and formulae (which you can download and print). Where is the best betting app? Our betting app is designed to help you bet faster, save data and access exclusive offers including boosted odds. Customers can also share their betslip with friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. Odibets.com Odibets is one of the most discussed bookmakers among the sport fans in Kenya, although it started operating in our country in the end of 2018 year. The bookie has become popular, thanks to its sponsorship to Mathare United, at one hand, and, on the other, because of the big number of large profits. How do I get Odibet Bonus on App? Our betting app comes with a 3GHs bonus for all new installs. The best way to get a bonus with the app is to download it. Afterward, place a cash bet to claim your prize. Get this fantastic sports betting app by clicking here.

However, what the gambling company has done is to do the first step that’s required for offering the punters placing bets via a mobile device. It’s a specially tailored mobile browser version, which works faultlessly regardless of the smartphone type you own and regardless of the Android version it runs on (plus, even regardless of the operating system).
Doubtlessly, in future we will see a mobile app, which will be a good thing considering the fact that in this way, the punters will have more options to choose from. Currently, though, they do not have such an option, but it doesn’t mean they get a low-quality mobile betting service.

Information about Odibets Mobile

Odibets Mobile and the company’s web version actually represent one single thing – it’s just the betting operator doesn’t offer different versions for the different platforms (the desktop and the mobile).

Fortunately for the mobile users, though, this single version can be determined more of a mobile rather than of a web type.
One of the weak points of this version, meanwhile, is the fact that it doesn’t adjust to the mobile device screen size and in case you use a bigger smartphone, you should zoom the content to see the events you can place bets on.

Excluding this disadvantage, though, Odibets browser app offers one completely normal and adequate design, which will not surprise you with anything special or different from the mobi website you have seen in other bookies.

On the top of the website there’s a green rectangular and on it, the main methods to manage and navigate the platform, are placed. It’s from where you can also use the menu with all the available sport types and all the general pages in the website. It’s also from where you can login your account and to use your betslip.

Right below this green rectangular you will see the function to switch to a mobile version, which definitely suits any standard punter’s needs – there’s a search to look for a team, player, even or a league. By using this search, you can find the desired bet you want to place without losing lots of time. Of course, if you haven’t any specific plans for certain events, but instead, you prefer to view all the available matches, through the menu you can navigate in order to reach any league or a tournament with offered bets in Odibets.

Right next to each country and league you will see a number that many punters wonder what it’s for. It’s just here to indicate the number of the events available in the category. For instance, when you see 20 to the Premium league in England, it means that there are bets for the upcoming events within the next 2 phases of the league (because there are 10 events per phase).

SMS betting in Odibets

As not all punters have non-stop internet connection, Odibets provides an offline access to some of the general features in the website.

Of course, the only way to use them is by turning to the SMS service.

Within the next lines we will show you what things the bookie allows you to do by sending SMS messages:

  • You can register with SMS. This is an alternative to the standard web registration. To register with SMS messages there are two things you should do. First of all, you should send SMS with short text “Odi” to this number – 29680 – and then, you will receive an answer. Send a new message to the same number, but with the password you want to use when login your account
  • You can make deposits through Mpesa menu, but not through SMS messages
  • However, Odibets offers you the chance to claim for a withdrawal via SMS messages. To do so you should send a message to the same short number you used when making an account via SMS messages. This time, though, your short message should be with the following text “W#the amount of money you want to withdrawal”.

Odibets is a lovely place for all lovers of free bets and cashback offers – these are, by the way, very useful bonuses that help us in the main punter’s purpose, which is to win more than we actually invest. The different reasons that might make you to register in this gambling website (or not to) are presented to you in our specially tailored page for Odibets Kenya. Here, though, we will focus on something more specific that is very significant for the readers – the option for mobile bets in the bookie.

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Odibet download apk free

Odibet Download Apk

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