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Regal88 is an online betting platform which is meant to meet the expectations of any user who wants to enjoy a complete gambling experience without worrying about security or other issues. The risk-free platform offers various types of activities that users can choose to fill their free time with. It is one of the most responsive online casinos you can find, and it offers all the resources you need for learning more about gambling. Given the many advantages of this website, you might end up winning more money than you expected. Give it a try and see how the experience goes!

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Roulette formula how to win a roullete at live casino everytime you playing numbers both red or black. Tips from pro and youtube you can learn to win. The Regal Mobile App. As we continue to bring you new and innovative features on the Regal mobile app, we encourage you to download the latest version of iOS. If you remain on iOS 11, you will not lose access to the Regal mobile app; however, you will not benefit from all the exciting new updates and features from the latest version of the app. Welcome to, Malaysia one-stop pc/mobile online casino. Our Live chat customer service will be available for you 24/7, cause the Internet never sleeps. REGAL88 Member is only allowed having ONE (1) REGAL88 account in, if members are found creating more than ONE (1) REGAL88 account, REGAL88 will treat these accounts as an organizational account and REGAL88 have the rights to terminate these accounts, and all credits will be forfeited. As the mobile technology and smartphone era.

Regal88 Review

Regal88 is a gaming and casino online platform that offers multiple options when it comes to entertainment. The website is also equipped with the latest security measurements so that you can enjoy a private, safe environment to play. It is a very popular online casino in Malaysia and it’s gaining more and more users every day. The steps you need to follow in order to join the community are not difficult to follow. Users get assistance when they opt for this online casino platform. At this casino, you can take advantage of the many promotions, bonuses and events that happen on the website constantly. Compared to other online casino platforms, this platform attracts users through its simplicity, efficiency and complete security.

What games can you play on Regal88?

At Regal88, users have various activities to choose from. Starting with the sportsbook, you can choose between I and W sports where you can bet freely. The live casino section offers several suites you can select. Each suite has certain requirements, rules and features that you will know about if you follow the guide offered on the website. The included suites are PT, EVO, AG, XPRO and GP. You should select the one that fits your preferences the best. The slots category comes with a different suite called BESTOF. Again, the suites are different, and they match the needs of the user.

Are there any bonuses you can get?

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Like most online casinos, it also offers several promotions and bonuses to enjoy. The bonuses are various, and they depend on what type of user you are. For instance, when you enter the website for the first time, you will get a welcome bonus that you can use for your first bet. For any new member you bring to Regal88, you’ll get a bonus yourself. The same goes with deposits – whenever you make a deposit, you’ll receive an additional bonus to use on the site. On Sundays, you get 50% extra if respecting certain conditions. Regal88 has weekly cash rebates and if you are very active on the website you’ll get another bonus. On your birthday, you’ll get a bonus as a gift. It offers numerous benefits to enjoy as a user of the platform.

Financial aspects you should know about

Geraint thomas odds against. After making a deposit, you should contact the platform to confirm. Since this casino is Malaysia-based, the transactions are made in MYR. For deposits, the minimum amount is 30.00 MYR and the maximum one is 100.000 MYR, while for withdrawals the minimum amount is 50.00 and the maximum amount is 5.000 and 50.000 MYR respectively (depending on the banking option that you choose). The processing times for transactions start the moment when the deposit or withdrawal is confirmed. In order to confirm transactions, the user will receive an SMS. Larger withdrawals can take longer processing times.

Support system and handling issues

Besides the 24/7 live chat support, you can also contact Regal88 via other social platforms. The customer service team members are available at all times for solving potential issues and answering any question you may have. You can contact the team on Blogspot, e-mail or skype at any given moment. Any issue you may have will be handled with professionalism and care. You will be given explicit guidelines to follow in case there is a technical problem with the platform. All the queries will be assessed in the shortest time possible.

What we like:

  • Friendly user interface
  • Downloadable app
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Rapid sign up

What we didn’t like:

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Regal88 Mobile

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  • The cash-out times are long
  • Lack of personal interaction

Some details regarding the overall experience

Regal88 offers a complete experience for users who want to enjoy gaming and gambling on an online platform. You can also download the mobile app and play as you go, regardless of your location. The website is welcoming, and you can choose between the many options available. Regal88 is one of the best choices for online gambling.