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The social network for sports bettors Never miss out on a winning tip, bold prediction or big play by staying connected to your friends, betting influencers and legal sportsbooks from anywhere in the. An app called Parlay could help you keep track of these bets and payments using bitcoin. The app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or on Google Play and is available for several countries.

We manage the entire bet including holding funds for all players and then distribute the funds once bet is completed.
“All funds go to players”

Three Unique Types of Social Betting in One App


Player determine the bet, person to send bet, amount of the bet, date to accept by and set odds optional.


The player who sends the bet, picks the players to receive the bet, the amount to participate and payout.


Social Betting App

We provide a list of bets for different venues such and sports, politics…. Player select predefined bet the amount to bet and who to bet with.

How Does It Work?

Register on this page and verify your mobile and receive $20

You are now ready to send and receive Head-to-Head, Group and Trending bets.

We insure players have funds to send or accept bet. We manage the bet and release funds when bet is declared.

Once the bet is declared funds are moved to winners account and all participants are notified

Invite your network, all new registered players receive $20

You decide what to bet on, with whom, the amount, payout and when to accept by.

Players can send and accept bets real-time as event occurs or on outcome in the future

Register on this page and verify your mobile and receive $20

Invite your network, all new registered players receive $20

You are now ready to send and receive Head-to-Head, Group and Trending bets.

We insure players have funds to send or accept bet. We manage the bet and release funds when bet is declared.

You decide what to bet on, with whom, the amount, payout and when to accept by.

Players can send and accept bets real-time as event occurs or on outcome in the future

Once the bet is declared funds are moved to winners account and all participants are notified

Some Of The Best Features

'Sponsio' = Social Networking + Betting

Bet on event or Topic

Bet on any Event, Topic or Outcome You determine the bet, who to bet with and payout.

True Social Media App

Sponsio is true Social Media App Instead for sharing pictures with friend, family and peers you share bets.

Bragging Rights

Besides the ability to win real cash you will also have the ability to send banter and smack for the all important bragging rights

Key Features

We provide a leaderboard to track wins and losses, transaction log to manage funds.

Multiple Betting Options

Head-to-Head, Group and Trending gives players three unique betting options.

Handles the entire transaction.

We manage the entire bet, insure players have funds in place and release funds when bet is completed.

In Play Betting

Players can bet on events as they occur real-time or on an outcome in the future.


All the proceeds from a bet go only to the players participating in bet

Steve Fischkin

Sponsio Member

'What is great about Sponsio is that allows our family the ability to stay in touch during these tough times. Each week we send and accept contest on anything from sports, politics, game shows and just plain fun topics only our family knows about. It is amazing how much more often we now communicate with each other. Thank you Sponsio.'

Oliver Kramer

Sponsio Member

'Sponsio games is a real game changer, final an app for the boys. My friends really like the ability to send and accept contest on topics and outcomes that are of interest to us. The app also keeps us in touch with each other far more than we did before we used Sponsio.'

George Miller

Sponsio Member

'During the shutdown caused by Covid, I have been sending bets and contest to friends and family and it has really helped us stay in contact. I was also able to invite some family and friends that I had not keep in touch with over the years and they also really enjoyed the way we could all interact during these difficult times. Me personally I loved the group bets as we could have six people in a bet and all of us could see what the other bet and when one of sent smack everyone could see it and chime in. Thank you Sponsio you were a bright spot for me during a difficult time for us all. Looking forward to using your app when sports kicks back in.'

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social & Community Betting

Sponsio is the first self-arbitrating social gaming app that allows friends, family and peers the ability to send and receive contest on any event, topic or outcome. You can wager real time as events unfold or based on an outcome in the future. Contest can be a goal, an outcome, event or activity, the possibilities are endless.

Today social networking means sharing pictures or friends posting about their lives using a social networking app like Facebook or Instagram. While sharing pictures has interest for some it does not interest everyone.

Let’s be honest it is a little difficult for the average guy to send his friends and peers pictures about his latest day at the office. With Sponsio you can stay connected and have a bit a fun and bragging rights along the way.

While we do allow players to send and receive contest using currency, Sponsio takes no fee from the contest and players must have funds in their account before a contest can be sent or accepted. Players also have the ability to send non money bets such a movie, drink or item the players want to wager. In these contest we will track what was bet and if the bet was paid. Players again can disagree but Sponsio will not arbitrate as we do with money bets.

Sponsio provides three unique contest options that leverages “in-play” contest to encouraging your friends and peers to enter contest between each other on the outcomes of events which are in-progress. Sponsio™ makes it possible to easily create, manage and settle “in-play” bets with friends and peers. So, whether you are watching game, experiencing the game live, or out on the golf course you can engage in a little side wager.

So, what are you and friends waiting for download the free Sponsio mobile app now on your mobile device and receive $20 and let the games begin.

Is Sponsio Legal

Sponsio falls under a category that is known as “Social Betting,” where two people with similar knowledge are placing contest between themselves. This type of contest is considered legal in a vast majority of states with a few exceptions that are listed in our Terms of Use and when you register.

Social Sports Betting App

All contest that players send or receive in the Sponsio app are contest the players determines or has agreed to receive contest from. Because players determine the contest, declare the outcome and use their funds the contest fall under the category of “social betting”

Sponsio responsibility is that of a contest facilitator. We ensure players are verified, they have funds to send and accept a contest and are notified as contest progress. The Sponsio app holds contest funds and then distribute all the funds to players only when contest completes. If players do not agree on the outcome, we ensure funds are returned to players, so players do not lose money on contest they are not in agreement with.

The definition of social gambling will differ slightly but is generally understood as wagering amongst friends or with people that have a similar interest or affiliation and must compete on equal terms.

Example of Social Gambling as written in the Arizona Revised Statue:

“Social gambling means gambling that is not conducted as a business and that involves players who compete on equal terms with each other in a gamble if all of the following apply

No player receives, or becomes entitled to receive, any benefit, directly or indirectly, other than the player’s winnings from the gamble.

No other person receives or becomes entitled to receive any benefit, directly or indirectly, from the gambling activity, including benefits of proprietorship, management or unequal advantage or odds in a series of gambles.”

Example of Social Betting:

A good example of social betting is how people use Venmo. A player sends a text to friend saying he wants to bet on a certain outcome. Friend then agrees and after event is completed player who lost is to send funds via the Venmo app.

Sponsio offers the following benefits: We insure players have funds, we have ability to set accept and declare times, we send notification each time a bet is accepted, sent and declared, players can easily manage multiple contest, the funds we hold for each bet are released only when both players agree to outcome, we have a dispute flow, leaderboard and we rate each player.

Besides all that we don’t charge a fee to either player for each bet, with Venmo there is a charge if you use a debit or credit card to send Funds to winning party

What Sponsio does provide is a true social networking app, with fund management and a contest engine. So instead of sending pictures like Instagram, we let friends and peers send contest to each other with the ability to win a little money, send some smack and have the all-important bragging rights.

Benefits of Sponsio:

  1. Player have three types of contest to choose from.
  2. Players must have funds in account to send or accept, no worry of receiving funds.
  3. If there is a dispute, we ensure players can come to agreement or contest is a draw.
  4. Player can easily manage multiple contest.
  5. We have the ability to send smack for all important bragging rights.
  6. Sponsio has a leader board to track wins and losses.
  7. We have a transaction log to view each step of the contest.
  8. There are no fees when funds are moved winners account.
  9. All the proceeds from the contest go to players.
  10. Players don’t have to use funds to send a contest, bets can be made using other items.
  11. We allow for the ability to have contest proceeds go to a charity or non-profit.

How does the Supreme Court Ruling effect “Social Betting”

The Supreme Court specifically ruled that one federal gambling statute – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act – violated the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (often known as the commandeering clause) because it illegally empowered the federal government to order certain states to take specific actions to disallow sports gambling. As a result, that statute is no longer enforceable against states, businesses or individuals.

While The Supreme court ruling does not affect our position that our app “Sponsio” is legal based on the fact we meet the social betting criteria as set by many states. We do however note a few states do not allow social betting and those states are clearly listed when you register.

We do expect that over time each state will clarify it rules as it pertains to on-line sports betting and we will continue to track. But our goal is work with each state to insure we have clarification and understanding on the concept of “social betting” and how we can meet each states interpretation of said statute.

Does Sponsio Charge Fees

No Fees: As described in the FAQ section “ What is Social Betting” Sponsio does not take any funds from the contest or charge fees associated with sending or receiving a contest.

When a player adds funds to their account Sponsio holds those funds and tracks the balance of the account based on wins and losses. This means you can enter into as many contests as you like and there will be no fee. Your account balance will move up and down until you decide to withdrawal funds or you run out funds. At which time you will need to add funds to your account should you want to send or receive future contest.

Add Funds: We do not charge any fees to add funds to your account. If your bank or credit card company charge a fee for a transfer, you will be responsible to pay but there are no individual fees for each transaction you would incur using Venmo or PayPal.

$20 dollars New Player: Each new player is given $20 when they register to send or enter into contest with. See Terms of Use for restrictions.

Withdrawing Funds. Sponsio does not charge or take a fee for a player who wants to take all of part of their balance. Each player is allowed one withdrawal a quarter at no charge. If a players wishes to withdrawal multiple times in a calendar quarter there will be a fee that will not exceed 3.5% for each additional withdrawal. We also provide the option to have funds mailed using Fed. Exp. to address on file.

Fees from contest: Sponsio does take or charge any fees associated with contest between players. All funds from contest go to player or players.

Usage Fee: Sponsio does charge a fee to use our app, which is $1 a month. Fee will be taken out of players balance at the beginning of each month.

Limits: We do limit the amount of money that be deposited on a monthly basis. Current deposit maximum is $250 a month, see Terms of Use for more detail.

Leader Board and Rating

  • The leaderboard allows you so see how you are stacking up “win and losses” for a particular person in your friend list. You can also track how much funds you have won or lost year to date.
  • Star rating is based on a players number of contest accepted, contest sent. If for example a player is nudged and outcomes are disputed, rating will be affected with a lower star rating.
  • Each player can see this rating including number of bets sent, accepted and disputed. Player can then decide if they want to send or accept a bet from a player. But in most cases players will know every player in their friend list.
  • Every player can remove and or block a player. If you block a player and they send a bet to you the bet will just expire, you will not see it nor will you receive a notification. If you remove a player, you will be removed from that players friends list.

Types of Contests

During registration (see registration FAQ) you will be given a quick overview of Sponsio app and will have $20 added to your account. Once registered you will be taken to our home screen where you can select “ADD Friends” and invite your friends to register by searching current players by entering their name or mobile number. You can also send an invite to a friend via phones messaging app, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Skype or Email. Once players are added to your friends list you can send and accept contest with them.

There are three types of contest offered in the Sponsio App. Head-2-Head, Group and Trending.

  1. Head-2-Head bets are between two people. You can send a bet to a player, they are notified via a text, what the bet is, the amount and when to accept. Player then can accept, reject or counter the bet. Once bet has completed either player may declare the results. Once a player declares a win the other party is notified via text and will need to confirm outcome. There is a dispute flow in the case friends cannot agree on outcome.
  2. H2H bets have two types of bets, cash or an item of you choosing. For a cash bet players must have funds in their accounts prior to sending and accepting. We then hold funds until the bet is completed. Once bet is completed and parties agree on outcome we move funds. For non cash bets we follow the same flow but when winner is declared we notify players and trac weather bet has been received.
  3. Group bets are similar to H2H cash bets, except the player can send the contest to multiple friends. The player who sends the bet determines the bet, amount to participate, payout and when the bet must be accepted and declared. In a group bet each player makes their prediction and can send banter and smack to any friend as the contest plays out. Once the accept date has past only those who accepted will participate in payout and can see other players selection. Player who sent the bet determines the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) and based on payout percentage selected earlier, the Sponsio app will automatically deposit winning to each player account.
  4. Trending ets are bets that are predetermined by the Sponsio app and where the app will declares the winner and not the players. Trending bets are events such as a college football game where Sponsio list the games for the week, point spread, accept and declare times not the players. If a bet is accepted by friend prior to accept time stamp we will declare the outcome once game completed and we will notify players and move money to winner. With trending a player can select from sports, politics and other major events we are tracking. The big difference is that a player can select from over 100 upcoming events and have the app declare based on actual results.

How To Play

All three types of betting contests we offer follow the same betting steps: Send, Accept and Declare

The basic rules is that players must have funds in their account in order to send or accept a cash based contest. Funds will be moved to winning parties account once contest is completed. Read types of bets for more information on the difference between: H2H, Group and Trending Bets.

  1. Send
    • Only Friends that you have invited or have accepted an invitation from you will be able to receive a contest or bet from you. To receive a contest from a player they must be in your friend list.
    • Once a contest or bet is sent the player who received bet will have a specific amount of time to accept. In a H2H bet If the time stamp expires so will the bet. In a group contest those players that have accepted will continue to play while those who did not are removed. For a trending bet it works the same as H2H contest, if bet expires funds are returned to player who sent the contest.
    • You cannot send or accept a cash base bet with out having funds in you account. You can however send a bet on an item of your choosing such as a beer or tickets. Sponsio will track the bet until parties agree bet has been fulfilled. For a cash based bets we will hold the funds until bet is completed and then transfer funds to winning parties.


    • Player can accept the bet by either opening the Sponsio app going to new bets and selecting the accept button. You can also accept by entering accept or yes in the notification. This features only works using the mobile messaging app.
    • Each bet will have a contest card that will show who the contest is from, the amount, odds and accept-by-date and with group and trending the declare date.
    • Any bet can be cancelled any time prior to the accept time stamp expiration. If bet is cancelled any funds that were held will be returned to players account. Once bet is accepted then contest cannot be canceled.
    • Player who receives the bet can decline or counter and the other player will be notified and have the option to accept or decline your modified bet.
    • When a bet is accepted the player, who sent the contest will get an alert noting that the player (2) has accepted the bet and game is on!
    • Each players contest card will now reflect the contest, funds to be release to winner and when the bet can be declared. In case of a non-cash bets we will show item or description of what was bet.
    • For group bet once accept time stamp passes all players in bet will see others prediction so they can start sending smack and banter.
  2. Declare

    • When the bet has finished in a H2H bet either player can declare if they won or lost. Each players will be notified via SMS when a bet is declared. If player (1) states they won and player (2) agrees they lost, then the contest will be archived and player (1) account will be credited with funds. If players don’t agree on outcome we have a dispute flow. If both parties still don’t agree on outcome the bet is declared a draw and funds returned to both parties.
    • For group bet the player that set up the bet and payout for the winners, will also determine the winners. The app will ask which player finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th…. once the declare time stamp has passed. Once winners are selected the app will send a notification to all players in the contest that the contest has been declared and to sign and check the results.
    • For trending bets, Sponsio is setting up the contest, accept and declare times. Once the declare time stamp passes, the will declare the winner, notify players and move funds.

Registration and Invite

Registration: A player can register by going to this web site and select get started or sign up. Once you are registers you will then be able to invite other players from the app.

Sponsio is a web app and will run using your selected web browser on your mobile or laptop. Sponsio uses a web app as it is easier for us to keep the app updated and also allows registered players the ability to play both on mobile devices and laptop.

Registration requires that you provide a username and password and validate your mobile number. This is required as the Sponsio app must be able to send and receive notifications.

For mobile you will also be ask to download our app icon when you register. The app icon will download onto you mobile, and used just like any app you download from an Android or Apple store. We also support both touch and face recognition when signing on to Sponsio app.

Social Betting Application

Once your mobile is verified you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions, you are over 21 and not a resident of a state that does not support social betting. Once you accept terms and condition $20 will be added to your account. Next you will be given a quick tutorial of the app and once completed you will be able to invite friends.

Invite: Once registered you will be taken to home screen where you can select “Add Friends” and invite your friends to register by searching for current players by entering their name or mobile number. If player is found, they will be notified and will be added to your friend list immediately.

You can also send an invite to a friend via your phones messaging app, What’s-app, Snap Chat, Skype or Facebook. Friends will be sent a notification with a link letting them know you have invited them to register and where they can learn more about the Sponsio app.

Once a friend clicks on link they will open a registration form (mobile or laptop) ask to register and verify their mobile. Players are added to your friends list when you send invite. Invited friends are listed in your friend list as invited but not registered. Once friend registers you will be notified and can begin to send and accept contest with them.

All new friends that register will receive $20.

Once an invite is sent you will be able to manage friends under the settings icon on the app navigation bar under manage friends. Here you can add, delete, block and resend invite to register.

You can of course call them and tell them to go to web site and click to sign on and search for your name as well once they register.

Tips and Shortcuts

This documents provides a list of tips and shortcuts and tips on how to use the Sponsio app.

Home Page: On the top right of the home page you see three options on what will appear on your home screen. Friends: will show all new contest sent by those in your friends list. Even if you were not sent the contest you can see who and what they are betting. Open and New Contest allow you to see your open or new contest that are in progress without having to go to active contest tab to view. You can cycle through all there options at any time

How to select Odds: Odds are optional and only available in H2H bets. The player receiving the bet will see the odds, funds required to participate and payout in bet card.

Cancel a bet: You can cancel a bet any time before it is accepted, the other way a bet is canceled is when accept time stamp has passed. In both cases funds will be added back to your account.

Two ways to accepts a bet. Each time a bet is sent you will receive an SMS. The SMS will show who the bet is from, amount and accept time. Player can either type accept in the SMS reply or go to the app and accept the contest under new contests.

Invite Players: If you send a group bet to a player all the players in the bet will be added to that players friends list if they accept the bet.

What makes a good group bet. A group bet is where all players make a prediction and the person with closest or right answer wins. In some cases where it could be easy for multiple peoples to have the same correct answer, add a second part to the bet. Example is who will win a particular game and then add by how many points or who will win a golf tournament by how many strokes.

Smack and Banter: Be selecting the banter/smack box on the top right hand corner of bet card you can send banter and smack to those in the contest. Each time you send smack a SMS will be sent to other player to insure they get the smack.

Declare a winner: in a H2H either player can declare who won, if you receive a notification from the other player they won, you will need to confirm the outcome. You can either type confirm in the SMS reply or go to app and under active contest agree they won or dispute.

Nudge and Countdown: These two features are there to help you remind and push a player to complete a bet. For example, if you declare you won a bet and you have gently nudged the other player to agree on your win and if they don’t reply, you can start a countdown which last for 24 hours. Holdem 888 poker. The player that receives the countdown will be sent multiple text to declare and will remind them that if they don’t declare they will lose the bet. If the 24 hour time stamp passes you will be declared winner and funds moved to your account.

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How to remind a player: While we have features such as nudges and countdown in the app you can always call or text your friend. Hey accept my bet, or time to declare

Social Networking

Our betting platform provides a true social networking experience

Fund Management

Platform manages player funds, wins and losses, leaderboard, storyboard &transaction log.

Core Contest Engine

Manages entire contest flow: Sending, accepting, odds, declare, disputes, and player notifications


First peer-2-peer community and social gaming platform

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