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  • The volatility or variance of slot machines is the level of risk. It shows the mathematical expectation of video slots, without reflecting the frequency and size of the winnings. The frequency of the formation.
  • Starburst is our most popular online slot of all time and one of the most popular slots in the world. Despite being released in 2012, it’s still one of the most played slots today, and it’s easy to see why. The game looks gorgeous with the graphics and animations hiding its years.

High volatility slots are certainly the most exciting of slots and are sure to get your adrenaline flowing for they are those which offer the biggest winnings! When entering the Free Spins Feature, the Bonus Game Feature or simply when a winning combination is obtained on a high variance slot the player knows he can potentially make a massive win. The excitement level is naturally very high!

Low Volatility Slots Vegas

The volatility, or variance, measure how much and at what frequency a slot machine pays. It may be low, medium (but also medium-low or medium-high) or high. The more important the variance is, the bigger the winnings will be, yet they are harder to obtain.

In the casino world, there is no good or bad game. Every player must simply find the slot or video slot which is most suited to their needs and wants (in terms of volatility and of user experience) and to their budget.

Low Volatility Slots

Online casinos and specialised blogs often emphasize the RTP of slot machines, thus indicating which part of the bets is redistributed to players or on the slot providers. According to us however, the variance is the most important criteria in order to understand the value of a game since it defines the amount and the frequency of the winnings players may hope to make. This is why we have decided to classify the machines by volatility.


Our TOP 10 best high volatility slots is based off 3 essential technical criteria which define the slot engine of a slot machine. The games that appear on it have not only the best high variance but also display a very good Payout (an RTP higher than 96%) and an interesting Hit Frequency.

The combination of a High Volatility + Good RTP + Good Hit Frequency is in our opinion the key to defining which are the best high variance slot machines intended for high roller players and VIP gamblers.


High is the highest level of variance for a slot. These slots have two characteristics:

  • They are the machines on which the winnings be the most important,
  • Winnings are made less frequently than on low or medium variance slots. High volatility therefore also means there is a high risk of not making any winnings and of losing one’s wager.

For the sake of clarity, with high volatility online slots it may be that a player will not obtain any winning rounds over a shorter or longer period which may cause dry spells. This is why we say these machines present a high risk.

Unlike low and medium variance slots, high volatility slots will not award frequent small or medium winnings which increase the player’s balance. This explains why one must benefit of a significant bankroll in order to play them.
For example, if a player were to play £50 on one of the new UK gambling sites he could lose his bet in only a couple of minutes without having made any winnings combinations and therefore no winnings. On the other hand, when the machine produces winnings, the player has more chances of obtaining a big win if not a huge win than with any other game which displays a lower variance.

You now understand why these slots have met with so much success, they are however targeted at a specific category of players: the high rollers or VIP players who have a budget hefty enough to afford playing long sessions without making any winnings.

High Volatility Slots

Ideally, one must combine a high volatility slot with a strong RTP and an important Hit Frequency percentage and you will soon understand the reasons behind this.


The RTP, which means Return To Player and is also knows as the Payout is a piece of data supplied by the slot provider in order to indicate the sum of the payouts of a slot machine. To be more precise, this number indicates what percentage of the sums wagered into a machine and are then paid back to players. For example, an RTP of 96% means that out £100 wagered into a machine, £96 will be paid back to players under the form of winnings.

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Whatever the volatility of a machine is, players are obviously after those casino slot machines which have the highest RTP. For our TOP 10, we have exclusively selected online slots which display an RTP of 96% or more.


High variance online slots are the slot machines which have the lowest frequency of winnings, this criterion being defined by the Hit Frequency. A hit frequency of 25% means that on average 25 rounds out of 100 will grant winnings.

Machines which display the most interesting Hit Frequency are to be sought. Dead or Alive by NetEnt is a gem in this matter and displays an incredible Hit Frequency of 30.42% (paired with an RTP of 96.8%) against 22.64% for Reel Steal and 17.09 for Jungle Spirit: Dead or Alive is one of the best high volatility online slots.



Those slots or mobile slots are not targeted at all gamblers – they are reserved for high rollers and VIP players.

The typical profile of high roller gamblers is the following:

  • They play with a significant budget. They carry out deposits of hundreds if not thousands of euros. They can actually even choose an online casino depending on its VIP program since the sums they deposit usually enable them to move up into the VIP players category.
  • They do not play to simply pass time or to make small winnings. Doubling or tripling their deposits is not what interests them, they play to hit a massive win and multiply their deposit by 10, 15 or more. They continue betting as long as they haven’t reached their goal. For VIP players there are to possible options: either making a massive win and withdrawing their winnings or losing their bet.
  • Time is an important factor whilst playing on a high variance online slot. High roller players demonstrate a lot of patience for they can play for a certain amount of time without making any winnings whatsoever.
  • They are ready to take risks to win big. The high risk associated with high volatility slot machines is not an issue for them.
  • Most high rollers alternate between high and medium volatility slots, however they never play on low volatility slots for these machines are too far off from their expectations.

If you are a high volatility slot seeker, consult right now the last Netent branded game Vikings and Halloween Jack video slot review.

What slot volatility mean in slots refers to the risk involved in playing the game. Volatility is also referred to as dispersion or variance and when these terms refer to slots, it is used to let the player know how often a payout can be expected as well as how lucrative the payout would be.

There are different volatilities in slots, some offers a low volatility, other a medium volatility and then there are also games classified as high volatility slots.

Volatility Slot Machines

Low volatility slots award players with frequent payouts that offer small to mid-sized amounts. Medium volatility slots offer a blend of regular payout worth small to large payouts less frequently, while high volatility slots don’t payout constantly, but when they do the amounts are quite substantial and well worth the wait.

Medium Volatility Slots

It is best to play low volatility slots if you prefer plenty of small to mid-sized payouts. Low volatility slots are great for when you play with a limited bankroll since even on a minimum bet the games continues to award payouts constantly, which keeps you in the game. Low variance slots mean there is less risk involved for the player and it is a brilliant option for the player who is new to online slot games. Low variance slot is also preferred by slot enthusiasts who wish to play for an extended time-period without having to fund their account several times. But, don’t be mistaken, low volatility slots can award big and most of these are known for their quite lucrative free spins bonus rounds, which not shows up too often but still, award wins up to 100 times the activating bet.
It is best to play medium volatility slots when you want the benefits of a slot that is a great compromise between low and high volatility slots. Medium volatility slots offer lots of low and mid-sized payouts during play while it offers plenty of opportunities to win up to 1,000 times your wager. Medium variance slots are the best when you reason for play is fun, but you won’t say no to the thrill of spinning in some of the big prizes. It is also great for when you willing to take a bit more risk with your available bankroll to spin in sizable wins and at the same time get the most play for your wagers. This is the next step up for newcomers who are ready to leave low volatility slots behind and then if you’re a die-hard fan of profitable free spins, you could win thousands from free spins, up to 1,000 times your stake from jackpots and normally these games offer plenty of wild symbol action.

Low Volatility Slot Machines

It is best to play high volatility slots when you’re the kind of player who believes the only way is to go big or to go home. High variance slots are for players who don’t shy away from taking big risks in order to claim massive payouts. It’s the best match for adrenaline seekers who live on the edge and enjoy the thrills of huge wins. These are the slots sought after by slot devotees frenzied about life-changing jackpots and if you a player who doing mind risking large sums of cash while waiting for that lucky spin then high volatility slots are the games for you.