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Zynga Poker is one of the longest-running online poker sites from the corporate giant that is Zynga Inc. Thanks to the game being available on iOS, Android and Windows powered devices, plus it can. Download Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem for Windows 10 for Windows to play for fun with your friends or compete against millions of users every day. Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem for Windows 10 has had 0.

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Play Texas Hold 'Em with Other People Anytime and Anywhere!

Free Texas Holdem Poker the way YOU want to play! Join the world’s most popular online Poker game with more tables, more Poker tournaments, and more people to challenge. Zynga Poker Tips. Zynga poker is a wildly popular Facebook based game, boasting 35 million users worldwide. It is somewhat unique among free poker platforms as it offers players the ability to flaunt their money by tipping the dealer, buying avatars, purchasing gifts like drinks and cigars for themselves and even other players.

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

Poker on the Go

Nothing gussies up the old poker face better than a game of poker. Though it more often than not can cost you a load of good spending money, few things in life can beat getting together with your best friends and playing a round of Texas hold 'em for the night. Unfortunately, life has a habit of making the arrangement of those kinds of social events rather difficult. Luckily, Zynga has provided the next best thing. In Poker by Zynga, you can go online, stop off at the virtual tables, and play poker with real people at any time from the convenience of the Android or iOS platform of your choice. You can bet, you can bluff, you can draw, you can discard, and you can do it all without needing to pay a single cent. Poker by Zynga is the game that poker aficionados have been waiting for.

Play Classic Poker and More

All the rules of classic Texas hold ‘em apply. If you already know how to play the game, then you will be right at home here. Better yet, there’s no gambling involved; you don’t have to spend any real money if you don’t want to. In Zynga Poker, you’re free to play the game purely for fun.

  • Start off with thousands of chips that you can win and lose with every deal that is made.
  • Play with up to eight other players.
  • Bluff your opponents by placing deceptive bets to lull them into a false sense of security.
  • Be on the lookout for enemy player bluffs as well.

Getting into a Game

One of the greatest advantages Poker by Zynga has over regular poker is how convenient it can be to just start playing. No setup is required here; joining a game is as easy as sidling up to a table and sitting down in an empty chair. Not only that, but you can play a quick round of cards or allow yourself to get into something far more involved. Zynga supports both styles of play.

  • Join a casual game of Texas hold ‘em.
  • Enter into a Sit-N-Play tournament and see where you rank among the most daring players.
  • Make friends and connections to get invited to the more luxurious VIP tables.
  • Play with complete strangers or join a game alongside a known buddy.

It’s All About the Social Experience

There’s more to Zynga’s poker game than just poker. Tracing back to its Facebook origins, it also includes an assortment of networking tools that allow you to connect with people in both a friendly and competitive manner. If you don’t have any poker-playing friends now, Poker by Zynga can help you find some.

  • Exchange messages with your fellow players using the in-game chat.
  • Send and receive chips/gifts to and from your friends.
  • Check out the online leader boards. See how you compare to other poker players all over the world and increase your rank to further prove your prowess.

A Safe Bet

If you have a mobile device and would just love to sit down for a quick round of cards during your lunch break, then you honestly should not even be reading this. Poker by Zynga has everything that a veteran poker player would ever want. It’s easy to get started, there are literally millions of other players to game with, and there are plenty of options available that allow for both quick and dedicated play. Needless to say, downloading this game is a gamble that you cannot lose.


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